Monday, April 02, 2007

Thanks to Teesha, Tracy, Teresa, and Tonia

Well I'm home. What a crazy week.

Lots of fun, lots of stuff to do, but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted. The classes went great. Wonderful artists in all the classes. It all started with bowling pins, then moved to madhatter hats, and then to soda pop icons.

Now what made it so exhausting was the tight schedule I had because of two nights of Art openings and a vendor's night. Now I'm not was all really fun and I meant tons of great folks at both events. But I'll tell you what, when everything was over I about collapsed. In fact after it all I was sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends, and at one point my friend Michelle was talking to me but I was just spaced out on some planet looking out the window. Then the martini arrived, and all was well again.

I should say a few things about artfest...first off I love it. What a great bunch of attendees. That said I should also say that Teesha and Tracy Moore are amazing. They do so much and have such great souls. Did I mention that I owe so very much to Teesha. It was really her that convince me to take the plunge into this weird wonderful world I'm absorbed in now. I owe her oodles. I can't thank her enough. And Tracy...well what a fun guy with a huge heart.

As for my gallery experience...another person I can't say enough about is Teresa, the owner of Artisans on Taylor
She is wonderful. If you're lucky as an artist you will manage to find someone in the gallery world who really gets your work and is willing to go to bat for you. I definitely feel this way about her.
She has big plans for the future of the gallery, and it sounds like she is ready to move on them. She also managed to pick up a few new artists for her Port Townsend space. After all, with an extra 500 arty people in town, we were easy for the pickens. So thanks for everything Teresa. You and your staff broke your back for me and I really really appreciate it

Since I'm thanking people with the letter T in the beginning of their name, I should also thank Tonia, my editor, who was also at ArtFest. It was great hanging with her and she of course is a big part of why "Secrets" is coming out at all...soon. We had a nice discussion about a future book idea to pitch. I think we've come up with a good one. Nope I'm not going tell you.

Ok...I'm ty ty...time for bed.


One Crabapple said...

Well, it's no wonder you are tired.

You give so much energy !

We enjoyed You and Your Class AND YOUR SHOW in town . So sorry to have missed the reading tho !
(we needed margaritas as much as you needed that martini !)

Thank YOU.
Good Luck with the book and on Your Travels thru That / This Weird Wonderful World you find yourself in now....

We Love You.

Izabella said...
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Izabella said...

oh Michael, so happy for you!! the gallery... Artfest...and all of the lovely goings on in your wild wonderful life!

wish I could have been at Artfest this year, but oh what fun to see pics & readings on other artists' blogs :)

go get some sleep!!

xo ~Bella

kitasmom said...

michael, you are an amazing person on an amazing ride! an update to our previous email conversation: i am in the early phases of buying a HUGE converted barn with a 2-family house on premise to use as gallery/studio/workshop space. the barn has been used most recently as a gift shop-type of thing, and is perfect. will be in touch as this gets going, and try to lure you here! PS - a thrill: one of my assemblage boxes is on pg 9 of Cloth, Paper, Scissors! shameless self-promotion! Linda Esterley

deMeng said...

Thanks all you guys...great meeting everyone...and seeing old faces...and wondering where others were (that's for you Iz)

Hope the margarita was good, S. I'm counting the days to Oaxaca.

I'm always open for ideas Linda...and
I'll check out the C,P,S art. Keep me informed.