Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jane Wynn's book...part one

My pal and fellow mad art scientist, Jane Wynn, has just revealed the cover of her book, Altered Curiosities. It's due out in the fall. Looks great, don't you think? By the way she has the same wonderful editor that I do (hi Tonia). Hooray Ms. Wynn!


idolatrieartist said...



I wish I could express to you my humble gratitude for posting about my book like this... It truly means so much.

You make my toes wiggle!

Indeed it does seem REAL now! Eeeek!

Thank you again, dear friend...

Your generosity will be greatly rewarded!


Lysh said...

Oh, so guru deMeng has a partner in crime... Baby artist has observed the sharp pointy things in that baby's head and begun to wonder whether she was right to conclude that guru deMeng (and friends) were kind people!

Seriously, how exciting for both you and Jane to have upcoming publications.

Laurie Mika said...

Hey Michael!
I had the priviledge of seeing the photo shoot for Jane's cover when I was at North I already knew HOW awesome it was going to be....they did a fantastic job! I finally got the final draft for mine and saw the design lay-out...pretty darn exciting stuff. I already pre-ordered yours! And will do the same for Jane's....too cool!
Talk soon,

Judy said...

Wow - if the cover is anything to go by -i can't wait to see the book. jane is ruly one talented lady.
By the way bebe, you make more than my toes wiggle though! Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!