Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Mad Alchemist's Construction Guide from Michael deMeng on Vimeo.

Here's the skinny…Minnie:

Mad Alchemist's Construction Guide: 
Online August 18, 2012

Art Lab

It's time for another online workshop!  This time we are going to explore the methods of building and constructing that I use in my assemblage creations.   Here are some of the things we'll cover in the class: 

  • Sticky - what do different glues do
    • E6000 
    • Gorilla Glue
    • Two Part Resin 
    • Much more
  • Screwy - Using hardware to connect things
    • Nuts and Bolts
    • Screws and Nails
    • Rivets and Staples
  • Specialty
    • Pulleys
    • Latches
    • Hinges
    • Springs
  • Plastery
    • Using Plaster as a method of Construction
  • Moldable 
    • Aves Apoxy Clay and Sculpt
    • Sugru Hacking Putty
    • Sculpey
    • Wax
  • Tying it all together
    • Wire
    • Twine
    • Rope 
    • Chain
  • Wood
    • Creating basic wood attachments
  • Armature
    • Making a base to build from
  • Problem Solving 
    • using unusual things in unusual ways

Question you may have:
  • How much does it cost?  A: $59.95
  • When does it begin? A: August 18, 2012
  • How long does it run?  A: The class will be available for 2 months b
  • How does it differ from live class?  A: Online classes allow for a bit more in depth explanations of techniques etc.
  • Will there be video?  A: Yes.  I have about 180 of minutes of protected video that only students will be able to access.
  • Will it be live?  A: No.  I will not be doing live video, but I will be setting up a Yahoo Group where I will be available to discuss your questions.  However I each week I will record a video responding to all the questions posed in the Yahoo group.
  • Can you tell me more about the Yahoo Group?  A: Students can access this anytime and discuss issues with other students.  A gallery is also available for students to share current and past works. 
  • Is the class segmented or do I get everything at once?  A: I have designed the class so you will have access to all the information at once and can play with it as you like, at your own speed.  New weekly videos will pop up with additional tidbits and tips.
  • What kind of site is being used to host this class?  A: I'm using a protected TypePad account.
  • How will I access the TypePad account?  A: When class begins I will send out passwords and usernames to all the students.  
  • What else will be on the blog?  A: Along with the Videos I will be posting the major questions as they come up, and the solutions.  I will also do weekly video addressing these questions.
  • Is this for Beginners or Advanced students?  A: It's for everyone.  I've made it so it is information that can be used by all levels.
  • Will it be entertaining?  A: Geez, I hope so.  I will try and make it very un-dry and fun.
  • How will  you accept payment.  A: PayPal
  • What will happen after I sign up?  I'll send you a confirmation to say "howdy" and then just sit back until I start the Yahoo group.  At that point  you'll get an email inviting you to join prior to class and meet some of the other students.  Then on August 18, 2012,  I will send out the TypePad site, codes, etc.
  • How do I sign up?  A: Click the little button and you're off and running. WooHoo!

Art Lab

Saturday, July 28, 2012

deMeng'd Dictionary

Those of you who have taken classes from me are well aware of my inventive use of words…not in the same way my father has an inventive use of words (i.e.  **$%&!!!).   In my case, I invent words or reformulate words to suit my needs…after all they are my words…I can do what I want with them.

For fun, I decided to do a blogpost each week highlighting a word or expression from the deMeng'd Dictionary.

This week you get two words.  Let's start off with the word that every student of mine should know:

uszhhh!!!  (yoozh)
A color combination of Qunacridone Gold and Black used to give an illusion of antiquity. Called the uszhhh!!! because it is what Michael deMeng "usually" uses.

the act of antiquing a piece of art using Michael deMeng's favorite paint recipe: I must uszhhh this toy squid to make it look old.

And here is a bonus word for the week

floo·ey  (floo-ee)
adj. floo·i·er, floo·i·est 
The physical characteristic of paint or glue in which the consistency lies somewhere between fluid and gooey: flooey glue

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Orna-deMentia in Solvang CA

There has been a bit of change in plans in my Solvang classes at the Art Clinic.  We decided that it would be fun to put together a Holiday workshop involving Orna-deMents.  This will be two days of classes.  
Class #1 Santa Clops and the Polar Opposites
 Well “Ho Ho Ho” and all of that stuff.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas,but then again it was looking that way in early August when the Holiday itemsstarted to go on display at Michael’s Craft Stores.  Now it’s really on the way and I have to tell you a littlesecret…move a little closer…move a little closer…I’m not much of a SeasonsGreeting kind of guy, now if it involved vampires and werewolves I’d be allin…but cute little snowmen singing Burl Ives songs just never flipped mycookies.  This got me thinking…Ican’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind a bit of subversiveness added to theHolidays.  So I’m proposingsomething Polar Opposite of the North Pole, something a little off kilter.  A class of making Orna-deMents usingfound objects, weird thingies and discarded toys.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Get ready for Santa Claws and his friends…bwa ha ha ha ha….Imean bwo ho ho ho ho! 

Class #2 LightbulbOrna-deMents
Ever wonder what to do with allthose old lightbulbs? Well, the lightbulb has just popped on over my head.  Holiday Ornaments…or Orna-deMents ifyou prefer. Using a burnt out lightbulb, you will create hanging art pieces,not only by adorning the exterior of the bulb, but inserting imagery inside theglass bulb as well- sort of like a ship in the bottle…but much easier.  All this will be done using a mixtureof collage, painting, and assemblage. You’ll never look at a burnt outlightbulb the same way. See the light?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busier than a Jumping Bean On A Set of Bongos

I've been as busy as a jumping bean on a set of bongos.
It's been a fun yet exhausting tour...but now I can rest...ish.
Cleveland, Eugene, Portland, Pasadena, Idyllwild, Wisconsin in a month.  Not to mention...trying to keep up with the Art Abandonment activity.  Holy mackerel! (an expression I have never used before).  If you don't know what I'm referring to...check out my blogpost

Los Angeles and Vicinity
My workshops at Zinnia, in S. Pasadena were a blast.  In fact, one really cool aspect about that class...we held it in an abandoned chemical laboratory.   
Creepy rooms (straight out of Dexter) with alarms, and quarantines signs, and hose down stations....eerie.  
Also on that trip...my friends, Marci and David Donley took me to a few of their favorite L.A. haunts.
Dapper Cadaver
The Dresden Room

Next stop:
A great time with my peeps and a special treat for my class attendees by Betty Ginsberg...a little soiree...featuring her very musically inclined family and friends.  Elvis, Neil Diamond, and the Moldy Peaches never sounded so good.  Thanks Betty and Pete!

Valley Ridge Art Studio.  
My darling wife Andrea was busy teaching there whilst I was down in Southern Cal...so met up with her and our good friend Katherine Engen...for workshops and a few too many dreaded yet delicious cocktail's dubbed "the Katherine".  Kapow!
Katherine, Andrea and myself, spent quite a lot of time planning upcoming events....2013 and beyond.  Most of you already know about the New Orleans retreat, 
Here are a few other oddities that Katherine is organizing with Andrea and I:

Salty Sea Dogs and Sumptuous Sirens - a duo class with Andrea and myself during the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade           June 17- June 23 - Andrea will be doing sideshow banners and I will be doing the sea-beastie masks for the parade.   We then take to the Boardwalk and walk (or swim) in the parade!  Woo Hoo! More info soon

Something Wing-ed This Way Comes- Specters, ghosts, and other winged things in the land of Lady MacBeth...Edinburgh Scottland - dates TBA 2013

The Curious Carousel of Maginificent Mysteries - duo class (Andrea and myself) at Valley Ridge 2013- date TBA -collage-semblage merry go rounds

And don't forget...
Art Unraveled is just around the bend...Scottdale AZ

Mad Alchemist's Construction Guide
Online Workshop is getting rolling next month