Wednesday, November 26, 2008

See you Tsu-oon

We have a cool new store in Missoula called... Tsunami. It's one of those hip alternative toy stores that is somewhat for kids but really an excuse for adults to by toys. Here's what I'm getting my nephew for Xmas. Don't worry he doesn't read my blog. Pretty fun a cute yet gruesome sort of way. She also has a great book selection and, yes, my book is in there, along with Liz McGrath, Mark Ryden, not to mention a great book called Beautiful Mutants, that I just sent to Judy for her birthday.The owner, Susan is great and has a swell (might even say nifty) store. First time I stopped in was a First Friday Gallery Night and she gave me a blank Munny Doll and wanted me to modify it.
So here's what I did to it.I call him Polyphemus...the cyclops from the Odyssey. He even poops...escape hatch not shown.

One thing about making toys is that it is somewhat liberating. You don't worry so much about "is this art?" type of stuff. Here are a few others I worked on over the summer. They are for the Island of deMented Toys class I'm teaching next year.
Here's the contact info for Tsunami (web site not up yet)
101 S Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 541-8699

That's it for now.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So Judy just sent me a very cool link (she knows me so well). I thought I'd share,

An Authentic Vampire Hunters Kit, from the 19th century sold at auction for 15,000 smackers.How flippin' cool is that?!!!!
best yet here's what it includes:

• A Gothic style cross.
• Bible.
• Hand gun and silver bullets
• Holy oils.
• Holy water.
• Mirrors.
• Candles.
• Garlic.
• Top-of-the range wood and metal stake with added cross for vampiric extra-pain.
• Extra wood stakes, just in case.

Silver Bullets!!!!!!! did you read that? Now just to let you all know that I'm putting this little guy on my wish list. Everyone hear that? If you're looking for the perfect Xmas or Birthday present for deMeng...this is it.

I feel a workshop in Transylvania coming on. I am doing a workshop next year that is similar in concept. I call it the "Mad Alchemist's Cabinet" Where we create a cabinet to hold all you mad scientist tools.

as you can see from the above photo I use cupie dolls and fake eyeballs in my scietific investigations. A must.

So for all you mad or even slightly delusional alchemists... I'll be teaching it2009 at Artists Nook, Valley Ridge, , the Stamp Act, Random Arts and Idyllwild. It was actually inspired by coolest silent film ever...the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Its a story of an alchemist who controls a man to do his bidding.

Rent it. Buy it. You'll never see better example of German Expressionism painting styles put to film.

Fangs for the memories,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mexico City and Upsy Downsys

Okay, just wanted to show you a few picture from Mexico City. So I ended up getting a screaming deal on Priceline for a hotel I've always wanted to stay at. If you have seen the movie "Frida" you will has seen some of this least the ceiling...the amazing stained glass ceiling. In the flim Friday is supposed to be in Paris...but I'd know that stained glass is actual "El Gran Hotel" on the main Zocalo and across from the Presidential Palace and the Catedral. Amazing. I ended up paying a third of the listed price...don't ask me how.

Here is my veiw from the room window. The Zocalo. Catedral on the left. Presidential Palace on the right.
Here is the hotel looks like from outside.
and this is what I see when I opened my door.

Look up!Stay there if you can. Way cool. Even if you don't at least go in and look at the beatiful interior.

for those of you who were in my Oaxaca class...I know you're lurking out there somewhere. There was a conversation about a toy that I had when I was very young. Upsy Downsys. Some of you thought I was zooming on shrooms but here is proof.

the cast of characters:


  • Flossy Glossy - The Upsy Fire-Chiefess and her Elewetter Fire Engine
  • Tickle Pinkle - The Upsy Beauty and her Bugabout Car
  • Pudgy Fudgy - The Upsy Eat-Too-Mucher and her Piggybus
  • Baby So-High - The Upsy Hero and her Airo-Zoomer Plane


  • Downy Dilly - The Downsy Mischief-Maker and her Footmobile
  • Pocus Hocus - The Downsy Mixed-Up Magician and his Dragon Wagon
  • Mother What Now - The Downsy Frazzled Mom and her Go-Getter Car
  • Miss Information - The Downsy Opposite Directions Teller and her Miss Information Booth
and the physical evidence:So there...neener neener!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Return of El Charro

Well, I'm back. Back from "deMeng de los Muertos" in Oaxaca, Mexico. Just when I wonder if it is as magical a place as I seem to recall I am reminded that, yes, it is the most magical place on the planet. The class was swell...a wonderful group of 19 artists and adventurers, who, most said that the place exceeded there expectations. Well good...I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. And it looks like we will be doing it again next year. Stay tuned.

Some of you may already know, but I'm working on book numero dos. It is my take on Mexican I'm not going to go into great details on some of the stories of the trip right now, since some of them may be good book fodder, but wanted to give you a few images to peruse.

Taking cemetary shots at night is a pain...but somehow this one turned out...if you have a Canon powershot...try the aquarium setting.

One of these things is not like the other:

This is Santo Domingo. This place just glows at sunset...the stones are so multicolored it is amazing...not bad a mid-day either.

Monte Alban...Zapotec...then Mixtec ruins. Read the story of Donaji in my book for more details but this is supposedly where Heaven and Earth meet. Just by looking at the photo, I think you might agree.

Ah yes, Zaachila church...where deMeng met the killer bee a number of years back...we did see bees, but nobody was injured.

As far as skeletons go...they are breathtaking

The Return of El Charro de los Calaveras...looking a little older.

Well thats it for now...stay tuned...more to come.

adios amigos