Monday, April 30, 2007

Gatorland: this looks like a great exhibit

So I was just forwarded an announcement to an exhibit in Charlotte, NC. It looks great. It's entitled Gatorland. Very funny stuff...though darkly favorite kind of funny.

I'll be in this area in a week or so (though it is about a two hour drive) I might have to wander that way. The artist's name is Russel Biles and he's exhibiting at the Center of the Earth Gallery. Here's the announcement.

Center of the Earth Gallery
3204 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
NODA Art District, In the heart of historic North Charlotte
Ph 704-375-5756

Hours: Monday by appointment, Tues - Fri 11 - 5 pm, Sat 12 - 5 pm
ARTIST RECEPTION: Friday, May 4th, 2007, 6-9 pm
Please join us and meet the artist!
Sure to be a THRILLING night!
EXHIBITION: May - June 2007
Fear, love, anger, and morbid curiosity - this is the stuff of Russell Biles. Every sculpture is subversive. In this new body of work, Biles mocks the media's curious exploitation and obsession with animal attacks. Always a challenger of social norms, Biles' work presents layers of meaning such as innocence lost and the idea that our culture is consuming our children. Exaggerated, contorted, and sometimes disturbing poses and expressions are presented with incredible detail.
Representing Russell Biles for over 15 years, Center of the Earth is proud to present this exhibit. An internationally collected artist, Russell Biles is currently making headlines in New York and Chicago. Regularly exhibiting at SOFA Chicago, his work is included in numerous private collections and museums.

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