Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rust, Tools and Bubble Wrap

Just getting ready to ship some boxes. Nothing very creative going on around here. I'm trying to get ready for Art and Soul Virginia and so I'm gathering supplies and shipping the goodies off.

Spent the morning at Pacific Steel...lots of rusty goodies there. Love the big cranes swinging overhead and all the pointy tetanus transmitting devices...and whats not to love about the smell of gasoline and mud.
This is neither Judy nor me...but it is my dream date. Judy and I did have a few moments like this in Sydney junk yards, but no fiery oil drums....maybe in May when I get there...with a nice Chianti...what could be better?

Next stop the hardware store...the usual stuff...Liquid Nails by the case...Dremmel blades...and a new Dremmel tool (nothing fancy just a extra one for when I hit the road).

Oh yes, the bane of my existence....bubble wrap. I hate it...not as much as styrofoam popcorn, but I hate packing up stuff and the fact I have to buy it really irks me. I used to spend my days driving down alleys of stores getting the stuff for free, but its a little harder to find with the recycle bins...and I have to admit I no longer want to drive from store to store attempting to find the bubble wrap mother load. So Staples it is.
Not very interesting...but hey I've got to do it.

Oh...good news may be on the horizon for you Sydney-ites who are interested in taking a class from me. There is the possibility that I might be doing something in mid Feb, there. I'll keep you posted as I hear the skinny.

time to pack boxes...yippee


kass said...

still working on MELBOURNE too ;)

Kathy Thompson said...

Melbourne is definately on, contact Marg Byrne to register, it's going to be a blast.

Megan Pickwell said...

What class? where? when?
I'll be there!

Kristen Robinson said...

I am absolutely cracking up at the dream date do I dare share this with Travis(husband o mine)....I do believe he would jump for joy if I pulled out a bottle of wine and took him to the junk yard to look for Scout parts...hmm perhaps an idea for the future. Safe Jounrey to VA.