Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Cheese Country...Wisconsin...or the Big Cheesy

Valley Ridge Artist Studio in Wisconsin is coming up in a few weekends. So if you've been holding off from signing is the time.Those who have never is one of my favs. Bill and Kathy are the ultimate hosts and will even host "cow tipping" escapades
...well...not really....but they might if you asked nicely. They have a great property and with views to die for. Always a lovely selection of regional cheese...ask nicely and I'll bet they let you cut the cheese. Well maybe not

Hey speaking about cheese and is a question...who came first...Mayor McCheese
or H.R. Pufinstuf.
Have you ever n
otice how McDonaldland
looks strangely like the land of Freddie the Flute, Witchie Poo, and Jimmy....

come and sail with me, Jimmy, come and sail with me.
You compare and let me know what you decide...coincidence? or not?

Anyway...sorry for the digression....,

hope to see some of you in Wisconsin. I'll be teaching deMented Toys and the Mad Alchemist's Cabinet. Oh...and I'm going to be visiting a nifty place while...I'm there. More on that later. If you still want to sign up for classes go here and we can talk about art, Hamburglers, and other things. Click here to join the fun.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Blues Mountains and Tangerine Classes

Hey there
one more day left in Australia, mate then off to teach this weekend in Idyllwild this
weekend...I've been pretty good about shaking off the jet lag as of late and it is usually easier going back home I find...we'll see.

I'll see some of you in a few days...but here's what's been going on south of the equator...

Blue Mountains

So some of you may know I am a bit of a bat at heart. My dream home...
So it is only appropriate that when Judy took me up to the Blue Mountains this weekend, the first stop was the Jenolan Caves.
It was amazing....and a little eerie...especially when they turn all the lights off...coooool.
The crystals were beautiful and slightly Georgia O'Keefe-esque.
I love these guys...pointy
And of course...the claw
the next day a little antiquing but a quick stop off to look at the Three Sisters at Echo Point.
Then a taste of civilization with Devonshire Tea
..complete with scones...pronounces like "skawns" just's like "aluminium".
Pinkies up.

I'll be back in the S.F. area this fall teaching teaching at a store called Tangerine in Dublin CA.
So if you're in the area and you want to make some Holy Rolling Hot Wheels, some deMented Toys, or some Relief Portraiture...stop on by for the fun. Oct 18-20th.
Hope to see you there. Click here for more info

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pimpin' Krishna's ride

G'Day Mate,
still hanging in Australia with Judy...having a great time. Trip is going fast...way too fast and back to the teaching circuit in no time. Judy and I are heading to the Blue Mountains this weekend for a little get away. While there we'll be checking out the Jenolan Caves...more on that later...hopefully with video.

For now.... I thought I show all ya'all my latest fixins. I've been busy raiding my girl's stash of goodies of doll heads, arms and what have you.
I ended creating a scene from the Hindu story Bhagavad Gita with Krisha and Arjuna.
My little Arjuna head is not visible in this set of photos (he's a little head beneath the hand
I ended up giving the Krishna chariot a snake tail. I'm teaching a class Poway, California at Stamping Details called Monster-mobiles that is kind of base on this concept.
After all he is an avatar of Vishnu who is often depicted beneath the hood of a multi-headed cobra the naga Sesha.
This chariot is very roll-able complete with spinning Krishna head.
Best yet, I rigged a little string on the back of his head that will open and close his eyes when tugged.

Hope you enjoyed the ride...
more soon