Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Musty Tuscan Closet

Photo by Jane Rosemont

Last May/June when I taught in Cortona, Italy, we had the most amazing class setting. The classroom was the top floor of an old Monastery. The view from the large windows overlooked the Tuscan valley. Hard to beat.

During class we had a large pile of junk in the middle of the room from recent salvage expeditions, but we needed more. So being the snoop I am I started looking around. There was a door that had not been looked into...and I figured with a raw space like this, that there was a fairly good chance that junk got stashed away in there. Sure enough. It was the "stash away room"...you know the place you put things you don't want to throw away, but really do want to throw away. There were boxes of paper and knick knacks, but the most amazing thing was the broken life size saint statues covered in plastic sheets. Noooooo....I did not use the statues in art....I have some respect....but my photographer buddy Jane Rosemont went crazy with her camera. She got some amazing shots. She has an amazing ability to capture the humanity in all things (living or not). Her photos of people are incredible.

So Jane has exhibit and a book coming out with images of here recent global travels. You should take a peek.

here's the scoop on the exhibit
Photographs by Jane Rosemont
Exhibited at:
The Teahouse
821 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico • 505-992-0972
June 1–30, 2007
Opening Reception Friday, June 8, 4–7pm
For purchase or other information, contact:
Jane Rosemont


Karen Cole said...


I second the motion. Jane has an incredible eye. When she sent her first book, I "gulped" at every page. What she writes to compliment her photos is also quite profound.


Kristen Robinson said...

What an absolutely amazing find in a closet cannot wait to run off and check out Jane's work.