Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Listen hear

About a week ago I did a little interview over the phone for Crafting Voices. It was part of a segment that focused on artists who dealt with discarded materials. The other artists in the segment are Bryant Holsenbeck (an environmental artist) and Boris Bally (who's work is made from discarded traffic signs...cool stuff).

It was a lot of fun and Nicolotte Tallmadge, the host and creator, puts together a very professional show.
Take a listen.

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Lisa JonesMoore said...

Hi Michael--

I'm currently preparing a work on paper to send to the show "Art from Detritus: Recycling from Imagination" in New York City. This is, of course, is right up your 'junk alley'... To see the work of past shows, (and present, after the May 17 opening) go to www.ncognita.com

The name of my piece for this year is: "Once Uopn a Time (when there were trees)...". Everything I used were 'discards'.

This will be my 2nd year in the show...I think this 'art from junk and trash thing' is really catching on! See you in Oaxaca. Ciao!

Lisa JonesMoore