Thursday, April 05, 2007

Puerto Vallarta in May...what could be better?

Just something to think about

Michael deMeng
Lost, Found and Reinvented in Mexico
Contemporary Found Object Shrine Making
Arrival May 18 - depart 24, 2008
a five day workshop, 6 night stay
Well, if deMeng is teaching, it usually means something involving shrines, and who am I to disappoint you. This is a 5 day art adventure in which we will be creating shrines using mixed media and found objects...found objects we find wandering through the Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta. Old shoes, rusty machine parts, license plates, who knows what we'll find and that is the adventure. Then, back in the class, we will assemble, collage, paint, etc. the work into fruition. Mexico is so rich in inspriration when it comes to shrines, that we'll explore a number of possible styles and designs including Nichos, Quadalupes, Ex Votos, and Retablos. Time to turn that trash into treasure. Oh, and don't worry, we'll still have time for margaritas.
Five day workshop, 6 night stay.
Price is $1400
Based on double occupancy

For information and reservations call toll free 1-866-263-9717
or contact Sam @

Visit website:

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Karen Cole said...

Just when I think I have my lifes schedule figured out........dam!

I'll be in Cabo next week. Not a great art and history scene but the margaritas are good. Puerta Vallarta however, has a great art atmosphere AND margaritas.

I've had my eye on this place for some time. Very tempting.....