Friday, April 06, 2007

Guess what I have that you don't have...yet

Well...yesterday was the day. After over of year of prepping, writing, arting, and then waiting, the Secrets of Rusty Things is in my possession. Tonia, my editor, mailed me a copy as soon as she saw it on her desk. All I have to say is...amazing. What a thrill to open and then to hold in my hot little hands. I don't know if I can explain the sensation of having your own book in your hands and having a Library of Congress number. A little bizarre.

The bummer is that it still won't be out in the stores for a bit. It still looks like it won't be available until June, but at least I know it's for real.

So enjoy the sneak peak...don't want to give to much away.


Izabella said...

oh my gosh Michael, I am so excited for you!!

I can hardly stand the wait...June!!

xo ~Bella

Julie H said...

Michael you are a tease! Hints of your joint project and hints of the book, perhaps we won't buy it now.

As if that is going to happen? It looks so good. Congratulations!!!

Judy said...

Looks great. Congrats bebe. So excited for you.

Altered Belly said...

Excellent. Can't wait to see it!

Kristen Robinson said...

YAYAY this is so GREAT cannot wait to see it!


Ro Bruhn said...

Well done Michael can't wait to get a copy.
A friend of mine wants a pez totem for her birthday.
Thank you

Prolix from la Normandie said...

I love what you're doing!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

mizcarla said...

it looks beautiful!!!


megan pickwell said...

What a great sense of accomplishment that must be - congrats.

Karen Cole said...

Congrats Michael. Heres hoping it's ready for Hampton.

Sharon Manning said...

Congrats Michael, Lots of hard work I'm sure but very gratifying to see in print.
Can't wait to see it IRL!
Take Care

Ursula Clamer said...

Congratultions! How exciting for you. I hope you are enjoying the result of your hard work. Can't wait to get my copy. Ux

katie said...

how exciting michael!!! i can 't wait to get my copy which i'm bringing to Artunraveled so you can autograph it! it was greating seeing you in port townsend if only for a short visit at your gallery showing.

Lysh said...

Now that you have this book completed and in your liquid nail affected hands, you can move on to other projects. (Like a creative catalyst DVD... hint hint!!!)