Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Xmas…hmmm

You may think it is early to discuss Xmas themed workshops…but I tell ya…it ain't.  As some of you know I had to reschedule my dates for Solvang…the Danish village in Southern California.  So…I decided to do something that I have only done a few times…a Xmas themed workshop.  I know, I know, you're saying: "WTF!?  deMeng in December?!!!  Halloween…yes...  Day of the Dead…yes…but Xmas?"   Well, yes it does seem out of the norm for me…
but there is a catch….

Two Classes…One Weekend!
The Art Clinic 
in beautiful Solvang CA.

 December 1 and 2

Class #1 Santa Clops and the Polar Opposites
 Well “Ho Ho Ho” and all of that stuff.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas,but then again it was looking that way in early August when the Holiday itemsstarted to go on display at Michael’s Craft Stores.  Now it’s really on the way and I have to tell you a little secret…move a little closer…move a little closer…I’m not much of a Seasons Greeting kind of guy, now if it involved vampires and werewolves I’d be all in…but cute little snowmen singing Burl Ives songs just never flipped my cookies.  This got me thinking…I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind a bit of subversiveness added to the Holidays.  So I’m proposing something Polar Opposite of the North Pole, something a little off kilter.  A class of making Orna-deMents using found objects, weird thingies and discarded toys.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Get ready for Santa Claws and his friends…bwa ha ha ha ha….  bwo ho ho ho ho! 

Class #2 LightbulbOrna-deMents
Ever wonder what to do with all those old lightbulbs? Well, the lightbulb has just popped on over my head.  Holiday Ornaments…or Orna-deMents if you prefer. Using a burnt out lightbulb, you will create hanging art pieces,not only by adorning the exterior of the bulb, but inserting imagery inside the glass bulb as well... sort of like a ship in the bottle…but much easier.  All this will be done using a mixture of collage, painting, and assemblage. You’ll never look at a burnt out lightbulb the same way. See the light?

see you there...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Brothers Quay Exhibit at the MOMA

So I was recently alerted by my buddy Keith Lo Bue about an exhibit at the MOMA in NYC which features a retrospective of the mysterious and odd Brothers Quay....not the Quay Brother, mind you, the  Brothers Quay.  This moniker should immediately give you the impression of old world aesthetic...which, as it turns, is entirely accurate.
 The Brother's Quay are stop-animation filmmakers, whose use of discarded dolls, a modified antiquites, and crumbling decaying sets to express a morose and somber mood.  A cross between the Brothers Grimm and Post World War I German film.  There films are simultaneously beautiful yet...not.  Poetic yet brutish.

Some of you might be familiar with a scene they directed in the film Frida...the infamous Dia de los Muertos doctor scene:

This is my favorite film Stilnacht I: Dramolet

My work has been very much inspired by these films.  The use of busted dollies and broken remnants of times gone by.   Fortunately I will be in New York next month so heading to the MOMA is definitely on my list of todos.  The exhibit consists of a number of puppets, sets, and props used in the films.  Of course, the films are on view as well as a diverse collation photos and other bits of memorabilia.

The other day Keith, posted about a competition related to the MOMA exhibit put on by Zeitgeist films.  This is photography competition using Quay inspired images of your creations.  Keith had entered a number of very nice I decided to give him a run for his money and enter my own.  If you want to enter your own entries here's a link to do so:

Here's what I submitted: Brush Boy

and here is my favorite of Keith Lo Bue's entries:

Now if you want to vote some of the entries you do it through Pinterest.  All you need to do is go to the following link and either "Repin" or "Like" the photo.

Hope to see some of your entries!

Friday, September 07, 2012

deMeng'd Dictionary: odd-ificaton

odd-ification- (n)
1. The process of transforming something ordinary into something bizarre.
2. A marked change...usually for the weirder.
example: After years of genetic odd-ifications, Long Tusked Tom finally felt comfortable in his leathery skin.
3. (In Art) a visually peculiar transformation of something mundane.
example: What did you do to my Barbie?!  Tentacles on her head!!! Who said you could make dolly odd-ifications?