Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York: I'm not saying....I'm just saying

Just got back from NY city and a wonderful week with Judy. Brief but fun. On the agenda...we'll we saw a Broadway play (Wicked),
I went to Coney Island (more on that later),

hung with Michelle Ward who took us to the site of the building featured on the Led Zeppelin album cover Physical Graffiti,

One night we had dinner with a relative of Judy's who has lived in the city since ' fact he used to do Marilyn Monroe's hair...sorry he wouldn't give up any gossip....anyway he gave us a great tour of Columbus Square and Greenwich Village.

A great trip...ended to soon. I'll see her in Mexico during my Oaxaca workshop though....coming up fast.

Okay speaking workshops: A long year is starting to wind down.

Coming up next:
Southern Cal
Stamping Details in Poway, CA (San Diego area) - I'll be teaching Monster Mobiles, Eye/Hand Coordination, and Pez Dispensing Totems. Sept 4th-6th

Portland OR
Then comes the big ol' Art and Soul Portland - Let's see...there I'm doing Eye/Hand Coordination, Pressing Enshrinements, and Chunky Loteria......PLUS! Stephanie Lee and are teaming up for a duo class: Patronizing Saints. Sept 30th to Oct 5.

Northern Cal
Next up on the old trail is back to California. Tangerine in the East Bay old stomping ground...sweeeeet. Holy Rolling Hot Wheels, deMented Toys, and What a Relief are on the agenda there. I'll be there from Oct. 18th-20th

Ah yes...then my favorite place in the world Oaxaca for Day of the Dead. We are almost full but a few spots are left. If you're pondering nows the time to act...
Down Under
Last up for the year... off to Australia for a workshop in Melbourne. Kathy and Marg are once again hosting me for some deMented Toy action!

Class Playlist Update
I recently heard a song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros called "Home". Way cool! Sort of an alt-country ditty. Its an L.A. band but if you don't get a bit of June Carter and Johnny Cash out of the deal I'd be surprised.
here's a little video:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dusty Diablos...loomings


I was busy vending away at Art Unraveled and out of the blue my editor appears.

In her hands a sheet of white paper....

Printed on the paper...

The cover to my new book (due out Feb or March-ish).

In my mind I had tried to envision what Geoff at F/W would come up with, and month after month I kept thinking that it might be hard to top the cover of Secrets of Rusty Things...which I loved.

Now the day had arrived...

I was....


Better than I could have imagined.


So here it is for your previewing pleasure...


.The cover to my next book:
Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!