Monday, June 04, 2007

New York, New York

So I'm back from the Book Expo. What a great time...and what a crazy event....a mad house of book wouldn't ever think so many publishers existed. Plenty of big shots in the literary world were there. I missed my chance to meet an author who has been a great inspiration to my work...Alan Greenspan...just kidding...I mean what in the world would he and I have to talk about...though I do hear that he likes a good single malt scotch. I did really want to see Stephen Cobert but the line was giganto (I am a huge fan of the Cobert Report as well as the Daily Show with Jon Stewart).

Had a great time at the F/W booth (they are the parent company to Northlight Books). I was the only display with junk, liquid nails and sparks from the Dremel tool. I would usually fire it up if there was a lull...sure enough people would come running. I didn't really spend much time making stuff...more of an enticement than anything...we also had a number of my finished pieces propped up at the booth. We plowed through the free copies pretty quick and I signed my hand off. Thanks to Greg (who organizes these trade show events for F/W)and Jessica (managing editor) for taking good care of me.

Off duty I spent some time hanging in Soho and Greenwich Village. Hit a few flea markets and a clothing store I love (Club Monaco....they don't really sell anything that isn't black or white...go figure that I would like it).

Fri and Sat night I hung out with the F/W clan. Friday night we went looking for Al Roker's house from the top of the Empire State was funnier in the moment and after a few drinks... Later,the group that remained, Jessica, Alice (another Northlightian) and myself, went to find some late night greasy NY style pizza. A sleazy little joint with a rather loud obnoxious group was just the ticket.

Saturday we went drank margaritas at
the Cowgirl bar in the villageand then to Time Square for a dose of light and humanity, and some more cocktails at the Playwright bar.
All in all a very fun weekend,

Thanks to all the nice responses I've received about the Secrets of Rusty Things. Apparently it is doing well...or so they tell me.


kass said...

I get to NYC next Tuesday night.... cant wait to get there!

kris said...

I was in NYC last month, beautiful Central Park, lots of crazy bargains per usual on Canal etc...
Never got to the book expo when we lived in NYC. Darn it! Sounds like fun!
Got 'The Book' in the mail yesterday. Wonderful!
See you in Boston. BTW, did you know about the Cornell exhibit at the PEM?

Tara Finlay said...

The Husband and I had a few drinks at the Cowgirl Grill when we were in the village.