Thursday, June 28, 2007

some new additions to my class playlist

I recently received a care package in the mail from Tiffini Elektra X filled with trinkets and some cds she burned for me.

T.E.X. (I never realized that her name could be abbreviated to spell that...must capitalize on that next time I see her) is a super cool person and has great music taste so I was quite excited to throw them in the cd player. As expected it was all particular I was smitten with on song by Bent, in which the song "Speak Low" with Billie Holiday singing while the accompanying music is modern. It sounds like a contemporary song with Billie Holiday singing other words, if she were still alive this is what a song on her albums might sound like. Very cool.
If I can find a way to add just a song to my blog from my Itunes library, I'll add it. If any of you know how to do this drop a line.

On a different note...remember that piece that my beloved Judy (five months and counting) and I worked on together. Well still a bit more images for now because it turns out that Somerset Memories is interested in doing an article. Hopefully this explains why we've been a bit reticent to post images (its all about showmanship) . Not sure of the's in the prelim stages...but I figure 6 months. After that we show all the details.

ciao for now,

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Judy V. said...

Hi Michael,
Youe work is devine and I Love It. I hope you dont' mind but I linked you to my blog. Is that ok?
A fan
Judy V