Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cereal talk

I should be getting packed to take off to the Bay area tomorrow. I'm teaching in Danville (Stamper's Warehouse) and Berkeley (Scrapbook Territory). I used to live in Danville and in fact graduated from highschool at San Ramon Valley High in, dare I say, 1984. Go Wolves.

Instead of getting ready I have been obsessed with a conversation I had the other night in New York about cereal. We, meaning those who actually existed during the seventies, were reminiscing about the cereals of old...some still exist...some don't.

Of course my faves were...Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry...really more of a Chokula fan...but the others were great too.
What amazed me was that someone at the table had never heard of Fruit Brute...as I was seeking for a Fruit Brute image I came across a cereal that I had forgotten about ...Yummy Mummy...it replaced the brute...but I think it was more or less the same. For those in the know...Fruit Brute was featured in both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs...here's an image of Lance(Eric Stolz) the drug dealer eating a bowl. Tim Roth had the box in his apartment in Reservoir Dogs.
For a brief time I was really really into bi- or tri-planes and these cereals really got my fancy, but alas they didn't last long.
I have to say that my all time fave of all time was Freakies. Here they are under the Freaky Tree. Each box contained a different characture.

I was most fond of the purple dude...

Okay enough is enough.... time to do laundry and organize tools....ciao and have a good week,


Altered Belly said...

I graduated high school in 1982!!! I remember these cereals. Brought back some fun memories. My 6th graders don't even know who Magnum P.I. was! Never even heard of Welcome Back, Kotter - 'cause a couple of my kids do the "ooh!Ooh!ooh!" thing.

Sweet Petunia said...

Hey now....1984 wasn't that long ago. it was my graduation date too.

Kristen Robinson said...

I so love this post I miss the old cereals...cannot wait for halloween as the Count and Frakenberry will reappear once again on the supermarket shelf.

YAY 80's, 87 was my year.


Anonymous said...

wow...i remember these cereals. you just took me back in time.

kdj said...

I love Freakies! My cereal of choice while living (briefly) in Wyoming in '73. (class '86, btw) ... while in Danville/San Ramon, wave at the 'Glass House' off 680 ... my great-great-great gramps built the place.


donnaj said...

You forgot King Vitamin and Quisp... :)
this from one who graduated in '81

Kimla Kay said...

Oh yes...Freakies were good! I used to collect their special prize magnets. And of course, I loved King Vitamin, Count Chocula, and Quisp. Wasn't there a cereal that was like little chocolate covered donuts? My all time fave was Kaboom...fruity colored wheels with little white marshmallows. Man, it was good to be raised on sugar.

Elaine Kerr said...

Although I remember Alphabits sneaking in once, quite obviously some of us never ingested enough chemicals from these faux foods, as we were made to eat things like.....oatmeal. Pity, it might have aided creativity later in life!