Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goodies and more goodies

Hooray...while I was away my biz partner, Christine, added lots of new goodies to the on-line store. http://www.theartistsnook.net/shop

We now have lots of cool doodads, not to mention we added some of the nifty tools I use in my classes....you know that vice that swivels and the safety glasses with the led lights (I can't tell you how many people love those glasses...they are pretty nifty). check em outThe really really cool addition (in my opinion) is the paint kits. Seven of my favorite colors that I use in those washes to make things look old...in a cigar box...and the best part....I made up some color technique cards, so you can see the effects of the different combos...laminated and everything. Check it out here
So stop on over check out the goods...

Coming soon...my first four of the limited edition Tarot card prints....signed and numbered. they are at the printer as we speak.


Cabs said...

Topsfield was fab! Thx for all the great inspiration, tips and input. Looking forward to checking out that exhibit at the Peabody too.

MeganPickwell said...

Michael, you have got to bring some of them there glasses downunder next visit, they are so cool!