Tuesday, June 26, 2007

back from Mass.

Hey everyone,

Just got back late/or is it early from New England. Once again a bunch of flights riddled with delays...why can't someone just build a bullet train through this bloody country. got home at 2 in the am last night and at the front end of the trip I showed up in Boston 7 hours late at 4am...don't that sound like fun....mmmm doggie.

though a bit hazy managed to hook up with my buddy Darryl and my buddy Bernie in Salem for the Cornell exhibit. It was "GRRRRRRRRREAT". very nicely exhibited and the Peabody Essex Museum is a beautiful place.

Next stop was Marshfield at the Stamp Act. My host, Marie was super nice. She, like me, has "goth" roots, so our musical tastes were quite similar. Her fav is the Dresden Dolls (a boston dark caberet band). I have a few of their albums as well.

Next stop was Topsfield and Absolutely Everything. Kate, the owner, treated me to an afternoon of rummaging in Essex. Found some nifty little thingies for me and classes. Might have Kate send me a propeller that I found at an antique store.

The classes at A.E. were great. Huge classes...fun and energetic students, but by the end of the week I was totally whooped.

back home for a bit...oh and sorry for those of you who had bouncing emails...it should be taken care of now.

ciao for now


carla said...

Hi Michael! I had such an awesome time at your shoe shrine workshop at Absolutely Everything... I definitely came away with all kinds of new techniques that I can add to my artistic "toolkit"... and it was an all around fun day! Thanks!!!! I worked on my unfinished shoe the next day, but by the time I completed the piece...well, the shoe was gone and it had turned into something entirely different, which is often what happens to my art. I think it has a mind of its own, so who am I to argue with it? :> Thanks again for the truly inspiring and enjoyable workshop!

Deb L said...

Hey Michael - I am so sorry that both Kristen and I missed your workshops this past weekend. Hoping you'll do a return gig to New England sometime soon... Deb

Jess said...

Michael, I really enjoyed your workshop and want to thank you for enduring the trip for our endless benefit. Cheers, Jess