Saturday, June 30, 2007

Canada in the October

Hey gang, Just thought I'd announce a Toronto gig coming up this October. My friend Carmi is putting it on. Two days of somewhat dimensional, the other extremely forced perspective. It will be on Oct 20 and 21st.

So if you're interested drop Carmi a line.
Here's the info
or contact Carmi at

So here's the cool part. This is where I'll be teaching:kinda of reminds you of my last post...doesn't it. Now where did those demon children go? Damien? Lilith? Must be doing something naughty...

By the way the poster image at the beginning of the post is from one of the best films ever. Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein was essentially the creator of editing. Prior to him films were pretty much like filmed plays. He caught my interest when I saw an unfinished work of his called Que Viva Mexico, in which he created a trilogy, each segment depicting a Mexican artist: Rivera, Orozco, and Posada. It took him several years...mostly because he didn't want to leave Mexico...and eventually Stalin pulled the plug and brought him home to the Soviet Union.

Here's a cool site on the topic: Que Viva Mexico

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They are not here with me!!!