Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All Things deMeng

Hey gang,

getting ready to head to NYC for the Book Expo, to pimp my book...actually the publisher wants me to be loud and pyrotechnic in my demos to draw I'll be using my Dremel to make lots of A quick note before I go...

Michael deMeng & The Artists' Nook present an Assemblage Emporium
My business partner, Christine now has our on-line store, All Things deMeng, up and running. Right now we just have the basics: aprons, books, stamps, anatomy men. But pretty soon we'll have lots of other goodies including: signed and numbered prints, rusty things, found objects, paint kits, and perhaps even some cool power tools...oh, did I mention liquid nails. Pretty much the idea is that we'll eventually have all the goodies I use...and more. Check it out here:

I'll chat with you all when I get back. I've received a ton of positive responses from the book already...hope everyone is enjoying it...don't worry yours is on the way...promise.



Laurie Mika said...

HI Michael,
I got my book yesterday! (I mean your book...but, now it's my book!lol)It is just fantastic, I got hooked into reading all of the myths and I like how you really walk the reader through your thought process. The design lay-out is beautiful as well, so Kudos to you for a great "first" book! Congrats, Laurie

Karen Cole said...


Congrats on the book "coming out"!!! I am really looking forward to my copy.

There is no doubt that you will "wow" the crowds with your dremeling abilities. What a great way to get people excited. It's a great promotional idea.

Is it open to the public? My daughter, Emily, is up there taking a course at Pratt and would probably love to see what you do.

Fyi- The Thieves market, was just that.

Autumn said...

Michael, so great to meet you in Saluda. You were a pleasure to speak with. I'm enjoying my matchbook immensely. You and I share a skull fetish. Next time around I will be sure to get in on your workshop. Congrats on the new site.
~ Autumn Clark

jo and jacky said...

Ooooh, the store sounds amazing. Am off to check it out now!!
Waiting (very impatiently!!!) for our books to arrive, Christine has been great!
Have fun with making sparks!

claudine hellmuth said...

super cool! great idea!!

shewhowrites said...

I stumbled on your book at barns and noble yesterday... I haven't been creating any art in sometime.
So, finding your book was a nice inspiration. I like the way it's written. Your work is brilliant.

Thank you for the inspiration...