Monday, August 30, 2010

House on the Rocks....(sorry Sketched Out Monday back next week)

Sorry sketches today....but really cool little videos I took when Kathy Engen and I visited House on the Rock this afternoon.  Fun fun fun fun.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketched Out Monday- Masked Man

 just getting packed up to go to Valley Ridge.  One of my favs.  So Here's the latest installment  of Sketched out Monday.  
First off just a little sketch I did this morning at Bernice's Bakery
and then I found one I did a while back...
Shrine Head Guy

This was the design for what became this:
This is the Shrine Mask sample for this year's Day of the Dead/Oaxaca Workshop.  I actually just finished it.  So I'm a little least I didn't make it on the plane to Oaxaca...besides I think it is against TSA policy to use Dremels in an airplane during take-off and landing.
Speaking of planes
off to pack.

p.s.  Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my Shades of Alchemy iPhone/iPad App.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall Must Be Getting Close....My Favorite Season

"Over the wine-dark sea." -Homer - Iliad, I. 350 "
Red red wine makes me feel so fine" - Neil Diamond
Madonna Estates' Hallovine - Artwork by Michael deMeng

Wine Label Signing in the East Bay at Tangerine
Sept. 26th 6pm
7038 Village Parkway Dublin CA
I'll sign labels...tell you stories, sign books (not just mine...other people's too) it will be a fun little shindig.  Hope to see you there.   I will also be doing workshops there Sun-Tues.
click here for more on the classes
So here is the skinny about the wine: it is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 100% Napa Valley fruit, aged in French Oak barrels.  It is a 2005 vintage...........13.8 % alcohol. It has strong notes of black current, and is a rich and zesty wine that will age beautifully.......... potentially another 10 to 15 years.  It has berry jam and supple tannins with a long sweet oak smooth finish.  It pairs well with mildly seasoned beef, beef stews, and dark chocolate.  It can be ordered from the winery by going to the winery website, listed on the winery store by September 1st..or by calling (866) 724-2993, or emailing after September 1st.

Dead Man's Party
newlydeadsCheck out the lastest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  I've done a little segment on creating little calacas (Mexican Day of the Dead scenes).   I take you step by step through the gory process of transforming everyday wedding figures to "Newly Deads".
At bookstores now.
or click here

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

deMeng's Shades of Alchemy iPhone App Available NOW!

Okay, this was a chore and a half but after several months of work, my iPhone/iPad Shades of Alchemy App is available for purchase.  I am really really really really excited and am super pleased with the way this sucker turned out...with a little help from a computer guru and a graphic designer buddy, I got this puppy to press.

So let me give you a little tour.
The primary function of this App is to give instruction on some of the cool color washes I've developed over the years.   That's right...the world famous "Uszhhh" is in there plus quite a few new concoctions.
I've included a total of 19 paint recipes:
 Ranging from Blue Barnacles to Very Van Gogh to UnDead Red....Sookie!

 I've also included step by step instructions and tips for these effects.  
But wait, you want got it!  I've included a number of videos to help you along the way.  Roughly about 30 minutes of instruction.
Now as with my first free App you can keep up on my teaching schedule as well as my blog post. 
 But wait!  That's not all!  Order now and get this special bonus...just kidding.  I kind of like those ShamWow, Mr. Microphone adds.  But it is true that I do have a little bonus...I've included a Mixology section with a number of my favorite drink recipes from my early years as a bartender.
Everyone deserves a little libation after hours of hard work in the studio...Salud!
So there you have an iPhone App that will come in mighty handy in the studio.  So where, pray-tell, does one download such a handy application?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Either search for "deMeng's Shades of Alchemy" in the App Store of your iPhone (simply type in "deMeng" and you'll find it too).  Click on the tan hand with the eye...and you'll be good to go. 
Click on the image above if you want to go to the iTunes Store...or here's the link:

Have fun!
Oh and for all you non-iPhone users...I've got other things in the works that will flip your pancakes.  More on that later.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sketched-Out Monday...I suck at Etch-A-Sketch

Well you can't blame a guy for trying...
I thought I would try and experiment using Etch-A-Sketch.  I never was very good at it.  And guess what...I'm still not.
Well, here are my feeble attempts.
I was going for a man in a shrine thing...didn't exactly get that...
Perhaps a Sasquatch in a shrine thing....oh well...

Monday, August 09, 2010

Sketched-Out Monday...still in AZ

still at Art Unraveled and have a quick lunch to post some sketches.  Tons of fun hanging with everyone but not much time to do any sketching.  Here's a few doodles for you though.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Raging Bull

Still in AZ teaching and had a bit of time so I decided to on a few diversions.  Friday night we rounded a bunch of folks together to head out to Cave Creek for the Friday night bull riding at the Buffalo Chip Saloon.  It was a trip.
A cowboy bar with music and dancing and outside more bars and food and a corral for the brave to hop on a bull.  of the instructors along for the ride were Richard Salley, Keith Lo Bue, Dan Essig, Karen Michel,  and Annie none of us hopped on for a dance around the ring with the big beasts.  Here's Keith now...Howdy...
And here Richard is trying to explain the subtle nuances of Country music...Karen is not buying it...
Outside we gathered around and watched real cowboys get thrown around for 8 seconds or less.
And a little video for ya.
Front row seat and the smell of manure in the air...just another night at a bar in AZ.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

September Workshops

Michael deMeng Workshops and Events

Upcoming Classes: SEPTEMBER
September is just around the corner and I have a bunch of classes lined up on the Western side of the U.S.

The Ranch
The Ranch, Snohomish WA- Sept 11 - 12: I'll be doing my Purse'n, Place or Thing workshop (mixed media purses).    Go to: or contact Randi at

Collage, Portland OR at - Sept 15 and 16th.  Just in time for Halloween I'll be teaching:Dead Man's Party and Mad Masks.  Go here or contact Collage at:

MECCA in Eugene OR- Sept 18th and 19th.  I'll be doing the class, Secret Keeper.  go here: or contact Mija at (541) 302-1810.  email:

Tangerine in Dublin CA Sept 27 -28.  I'll be doing my Secret Keeper Class and Cave of Pages.  Go to: or call Gina at 925-548-8447. email:
See you there! 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mamma Mia, That's a Spicy Meatball

I'm here in Arizona for Art Unraveled, and, man,  it is hot here!  How hot?

And what do you do when it's spicy meatball hot?  You go junkin' in an place that has no air conditioning.  Such as Apache Reclamation.
By the way, I added the neon effect...I think it really adds to the joint.  Ordinarily it looks like this:
The moved there outside stash to a different location...not much left of the old backyard, unless you're into teddy bear dressing room toys.
Lots of goodies inside.  Some a bit overpriced but all in all good shopping and friendly folks.
And this is what I left with

So if you're in the area of 313 W. Apache St. stop in and take a gander.

Upcoming Stuff
A couple of announcements for upcoming events
Sept is just around the bend...believe it or not.

I'll be in the Northwest very soon
The Ranch, Snohomish WA- Sept 11 - 12
I'll be doing Purse'n Place or Thing  

Collage, Portland OR at - Sept 15 and 16th 
Dead Man's Party and Mad Masks 

and then to
MECCA in Eugene OR- Sept 18th and 19th
Secret Keeper

Then come's Oct so if you're on the East Coast don't hesitated to visit me at 
ART is You in Connecticut 
Chunky Loteria, Change of Heart, and Angels and Demons

Oaxaca: deMeng de los Muertos
One more thing...a few of the folks going on the Oaxaca trip are heading to the Island of Dolls
 in the Mexico City area before class.  It is not part of the formal itinerary but I thought I spread the word to anyone thinking about going that a few folks are headed that way.  More on the Oaxaca, Day of the Dead workshop later.

Monday, August 02, 2010

the Pen is mightier than the pencil...sometimes...Sketched out Monday

Hola amigos

So I'm in an airport waiting for my plane to Phoenix...ArtUnraveled this week!  Will see a bunch of you there.  If you need to track me down, I'm sure you'll periodically be able to find Richard Salley and I holding court during happy hour...stop and say hi if you see me. I had friends over the last week and didn't have much time to sketch, but I did manage to get one in this morning.  Interesting thing, I tried a new sketchbook and it has slightly different paper so I couldn't use my usual pencil sketch.  The paper didn't take my pencil very well so switched to a pen.  I haven't used a pen in a bit but it is always a good exercise.  Pens are permanent.  Pencils can be erased.  Pens force a level of definitiveness.  The other thing about pens is that you have to shade by line and/or dot frequency (in other words, the more lines or dots you have the darker the surface and to gradually lighten you reduce the number of lines or dots).    

So here is my morning exercise.
see some of you very soon,