Sunday, March 25, 2007

Artwork from Secrets of Rusty Things in Port Townsend

Want to see all of the artwork featured in the soon to be released "Secrets of Rusty Things". Well now you can...that is, if you're in the Port Townsend, WA. All the work will be exhibit at:
Artisans on Taylor
236 Taylor Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
360.379.1029 phone

They're having a special Thursday night reception for ArtFest attendees (so as to not conflict with other events)
hope to see you at one of the openings


Here's the press release:

Artisans on Taylor presents, for the first time to the public, all of the original artwork from deMeng’s new book

March 3 through April 2007

Catch a preview of this stunning book and a chance to meet the artist--deMeng will read from selections from Secrets of Rusty Things at Artisans on Taylor
Saturday, March 31, 5 to 7PM

*ART FEST participants join us on Thursday, March 29, 6 -8PM

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hooray for Bollywood

I'm sure most of you have seen the Hindu deity with the elephant head. He is Ganesha.
Ganesha is one of the most worshiped deities in Hinduism. He is considered the Lord of Obstacles (both spiritual and material) and is capable of creating such obstacles for those who need to be checked, but he can just as easily remove them. Of course he comes to mind right now, with me getting ready to head back to the states. A vast ocean will soon be a large obstacle and it will be awhile til I can return to Australia... and to exceedingly busy year awaits.

So while I was wandering around Newtown in the part with a bajillion East Indian restaurants, markets, and clothing shops I took a few photos in some alleys.

Meet Ganesha 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't ruin another shirt!

Watch out J Peterman catalog

Stylin in the Studio

You'll look fabulous wandering the studio in this sleek black deMeng apron. A simple statement in the ever classic color of black, highlighted by a stunning, white, winged design. Both fashionable and utilitarian. Make sure to add a bit of paint or liquid nails for a bit of "shabby chic". I'm not a fashion writer, but if you're interested contact Christine at the Artist Nook. Here's the skinny:

For only $20! Come get yours at The Artists' Nook 402 N College Ave Fort Collins CO. Don't live close, no worries, We can ship! Just contact us by email at or phone (970) 416-1148.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hey all,

been chillin here in Sydney. Decided it was time to get some work done so Judy set up an area for me that was Liquid Nail proof. The first project was to paint her daughter's cast. She broke it while skateboarding last week. She's into skulls so I did a nice little Dia de los Muertos theme...dem bones. Apparently it was quite popular with her classmates. I expect to see a line of injured skateboarders at the door any day now.

I can't show any secret....but Judy and I are working on a collaboration. I'll be working on the exterior and she the interior. I should have most of it done by the time I leave then it will be up to her. Should be cool when it is finished...stay tuned for that one.

Went junk shopping today for junk...found a great place called Reverse Garbage.
You can probably figure out the function by the name. Found lots of little goodies, but quite a fun to see as well. Here are some shots off their site.

Tomorrow hooking up with the infamous Keith Lo Bue. I usually see him at Artfest, but I figured I'd barge in on him here in Sydney, and then see him in a few weeks in Port Townsend.

that's it for now...cheers

Thursday, March 08, 2007

How ya going, mate

How ya going?

So a few people have been wondering what happend to me down under. No, a great white shark didn't swallow me whole...though I was at a restaurant in Freemantle with giganto fish and sharks hanging on the wall. I'd love to to a mixed media piece with those.

The workshop in Fremantle was great. Jo and her mum Jackie (the owners of Artistic Journey) were extraordinarily kind and generous hosts. The students were wonderful, I kept getting asked how the students/classes differed from the states...not much different, other than the teachers get more breaks...morning tea and afternoon tea. The plan is that I will be back to Perth to teach in all you Aussies mark your calendars.
I've been back in Sydney hanging out for the last bunch of days. Went to see La Traviata with Judy (above) as well as Lesley Riley and Nina Bagley (who many of you know from the art circuit in the states). Beautiful. Not only the opera but the setting. As it turned out during intermission fireworks filled the the Sydney harbor (or as they say "harbour"). Apparently anytime a cruise ship comes in they light fireworks...big ones. Way cool.

The first day back in Sydney, Judy's bro arranged for us to have an all day tour around Sydney by boat on "Poppy" an amazing day. Here are Lesley, Nina and I, on Poppy.
Wandered around Bondi beach the other day. Lovely walk around the bay. Check out the color (or should I say "colour") of the water.
Here's a little home someone has created for themselves. What more does anyone need?

Wildlife report:
I have seen:
2 kangaroos
2 possum
359 big-ass bats
3 lizards
3000 magpies
3000 ravens
55 rosella
11 cockroaches
1 heron

that's all I have to report for now...more to come,