Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caffeinated Meanderings: The Archie Bray

Just had a nice little diversion in Helena, MT.  The Archie Bray...a magical haven for clay loving ceramic artists.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Workshop Junkies vs The Crabman

Hey everyone,

My workshop season is coming to an end for 2011.  I've been zigging and zagging and now I have one last  thing on this year's slate...Valley Ridge Art Studio.  One of my mostest favoritest of venues.  This year is especially fun.  Because not only because I am doing a duo class with the lovely Ms. Jane Wynn but also because were are having a little Grim Reaping Gala afterwords.  Complete with Bobbing for Baby Heads, Seek and Slime Find, and a Cruel and Sadistic Gift Exchange.  Bwa ha ha!

I just put the final touches for my portion of the Grey Matter Meddling class with Jane.  
May I present Crabby Maguillicuddy:

Don't be such a crab!

deMeng Workshop Junkies

Just started a little FaceBook Group called: deMeng Workshop Junkies. I'll be posting workshop and retreat info, as well as student work and class samples.   Just getting 2012 calendar figured out so will be listing the retreats on there soon. 

This will also be a place for students or potential students to connect and post about their latest flea market finds and/or latest found object creations.Hope to see you over there...and in a class...or wandering around a junkyard.

Go here to join deMeng Workshop Junkies:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Caffeinated Meanderings: Scary Monsters

A Halloween Treat
It's Halloween time...or at least getting close, so I know everyone is out there getting ready by watching their favorite horror movies.  Here's my little tribute:

Part ONE: Intro

Part TWO: Creepy Girls

Part THREE: Zombies

Part FOUR: Vampires

Part FIVE: Nostalgia

Super Scary Bonus
Open if you dare...I'm not kidding...this is not for the mild mannered.  I'm warning you...really I am... should have listened.

Happy Halloween!