Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Cheese Country...Wisconsin...or the Big Cheesy

Valley Ridge Artist Studio in Wisconsin is coming up in a few weekends. So if you've been holding off from signing is the time.Those who have never is one of my favs. Bill and Kathy are the ultimate hosts and will even host "cow tipping" escapades
...well...not really....but they might if you asked nicely. They have a great property and with views to die for. Always a lovely selection of regional cheese...ask nicely and I'll bet they let you cut the cheese. Well maybe not

Hey speaking about cheese and is a question...who came first...Mayor McCheese
or H.R. Pufinstuf.
Have you ever n
otice how McDonaldland
looks strangely like the land of Freddie the Flute, Witchie Poo, and Jimmy....

come and sail with me, Jimmy, come and sail with me.
You compare and let me know what you decide...coincidence? or not?

Anyway...sorry for the digression....,

hope to see some of you in Wisconsin. I'll be teaching deMented Toys and the Mad Alchemist's Cabinet. Oh...and I'm going to be visiting a nifty place while...I'm there. More on that later. If you still want to sign up for classes go here and we can talk about art, Hamburglers, and other things. Click here to join the fun.