Monday, March 30, 2009


 One Million B.C. Part One
...British Columbia...that is...
An amazing time in Vancouver, that is.   Great bunch of students for my last minute workshop.  Here's my host Megan at the Upstart Crow Class act, to be sure...thanks to her, her husband Chris, and all those attendees.
5064 48 Avenue 
Delta (Ladner) BC V4K 1V8 
Phone: 604-940-1155 
Fax: 604-940-1189 
Ran into a few old friends while I was wandering round the Northern lands, and made some new ones.    
After class I had a day to spend in the city and a number of my students pointed me in the direction of an amazing place....Baker's Dozen on Main St.
A super cool antique shop.  I had hoped the owner was around cuz  I really wanted to do a flip-cast but the staff didn't feel comfortable without her permission...bummer but I understand.  Even so it was a great experience, such an amazing bunch of goodies and so nicely displayed.  Best yet, they have a gallery, which is filled with assemblages made by the owner, Heather, and one the staff, Drew.  Very fun, very cool.  there were giant pigs and solar system models and weird dental tools and this and that and the other thing.    I ended up with an optometrist lens kit.  
 If you are ever'll dig it.
Okay...heading south to ArtFest tomorrow.
speaking of heading south....

One Million B.C. Part Two
...Burbank, California...that is 
This summer I'll be in I am not the new host to the Price is Right
..though...don't you think a deMeng'ed version of the Price is Right would be much better....lets get some rust on those bright colors.    Come to think of would be kind of fun be a game show host...something to ponder.   A Vincent Price version of Bob the way have you ever notice how much Bob Barker 
and Vincent Price look alike an evil twin sort of way.
But I digress...
I will be in Burbank to teach at the Carol Parks Studio 
 August 28, 29, and 30th.  The class I'll be doing is my Lost, Found and Reinvented class.  
A found object free for all.  It will be nice because we will have some time to build lots of nifty thing-ma-do-hickies.  Hope to see you there.

but for now...
see everyone at ArtFest...woohoo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bali "Hi"

Hey gang,

Had an amazing time.  Australia then Bali.  Now I wanted to keep you updated along the way but decided it might be nicer if I had some time to go through some of my photos and videos a bit more thoroughly.   I have some great shots and the Judy and I’s workshop went swimmingly.  Bali is one of the most fascinating places I have ever been…beautiful and exotic, the artists are stupendous, and the people are the most friendly I have every come across.  Seriously…the are sooooooo very friendly, that at first I thought at first there must be some sort of angle, some sort of con, but the Balinese are a beautiful, smiling, happy people, filled with grace and friendship.  Rob and Stacey’s retreat was swell…better yet, super swell.  Gorgeous ocean view facilities…not a bad days work.  Okay now for the goods.


I should mention that I had intentions of doing an more elaborate Flip presentation, but it was a little more hodge podge than I thought.  So the video I show you, will be more of glipses than full stories like my Isla de los Munecas post.  I’ll try and fill in some of the video with still photos.  Buckle your see belts…we’re off to Bali.

So where to start about Judy and I's first stop...Ubud...if you like Monkey's this is the place to hang.  The Monkey Forest is right off the main drag of Monkey Forest Road, and right around the bend from Hanuman Road (named after the famed white monkey from Hinduism). Here he is now:  

Of course if shopping is your bag than you'll love this place.

Especially if you like art.

Judy and I, along with a large percentage of our students (meaning all of them) spent a considerable time purchasing, masks, carvings, jewelry, paintings, etc.  The craftsmanship is astounding.  I'll post some of my goods at a later time when they all get back to the states.

One of the most amazing things about Ubud and Bali are the stone Hindu dudes.  They are everywhere.  In fact driving in you would not believe the shops for large statues for the yard.  Given the climate is so warm, they look ancient in no time. 

Here's one of my favs from a favorite restaraunt
and of course Ganesha...
 don't you love the floral adornments.
Speaking of guy you will see everywhere is Barong.
He is head of all the spirits and you'll see him in temples as well as above entryways,
and on every single bridge.
Speaking of Barong...we were there during Galungan, 
 beautiful festival where offerings are made in honor of Dharma (virtue) defeat of Adharma (evil), people dress in there ceremonial best
and life size Barong puppets wander the streets.
We visited an amazing temple that was decked out for the celebration.
This is actually the first temple in a series up the mountain.  
 it is a 2 1/2 hour journey up to the last one...
we were told that this year the devoted did not have to ascend to the top because the gods agreed to come down...that was nice.
Another class excursion was the Water Palace.  
 a very cool place (no pun intended) with ponds, statues and fountains everywhere.  The Balinese king built this in the early 1900s as a place for hosting parties and events.  Stylin'.
And what would Bali be with out a good market...
 massive market for goods and more importantly, people watching.

and some of the bajillion scooters.
Oh yes and of course Stacy and Rob have a beautiful place.  
 rent this joint should go.  And here is a stunning view from their back porch.
Oh yes, I guess Judy and I were there for work...though it didn't really seem like it.  Thought I'd give you a glimpse of the class projects.  (you only get a glimpse cause I didn't ask for permission to show them).
It was a great group...some old friends some new ones...some of them decided of which decided to join me in Oaxaca.  Here they are..
what a blast...thanks Mrs. Stacey.