Monday, August 02, 2010

the Pen is mightier than the pencil...sometimes...Sketched out Monday

Hola amigos

So I'm in an airport waiting for my plane to Phoenix...ArtUnraveled this week!  Will see a bunch of you there.  If you need to track me down, I'm sure you'll periodically be able to find Richard Salley and I holding court during happy hour...stop and say hi if you see me. I had friends over the last week and didn't have much time to sketch, but I did manage to get one in this morning.  Interesting thing, I tried a new sketchbook and it has slightly different paper so I couldn't use my usual pencil sketch.  The paper didn't take my pencil very well so switched to a pen.  I haven't used a pen in a bit but it is always a good exercise.  Pens are permanent.  Pencils can be erased.  Pens force a level of definitiveness.  The other thing about pens is that you have to shade by line and/or dot frequency (in other words, the more lines or dots you have the darker the surface and to gradually lighten you reduce the number of lines or dots).    

So here is my morning exercise.
see some of you very soon,


Erin said...

Holding court now eh? I must have missed the crown making class... o.0

Beatnheart said...

diggin it.

Parabolic Muse said...

I'm so bummed to miss art unraveled! I have friends in Phoenix! Where have I been? My life is over!!!

maybe i'm over-reacting.

I must go find out where you're teaching and when and how long and why.


p.s. I guess the 'why' would be 'because it's there'.