Monday, July 26, 2010

Blast from the Past: Sketched Out Monday

Happy Monday everyone.
So in this post I pulled out some old sketches that I used for my book Dusty Diablos.  These were used to help resolve some issues I had with my piece for the La Llorona section of the book.
Here is a general sketch I used to create a basic form from some of the objects I had to work with.
Still more details got worked out....
And finally I got into some more detailed this case this is the area where I was putting the children of la Llorona.
Finally I'll show you the final result that made it into the book.
I leave you with a scene from the movie Frida and Chavela Vargas' version of the folk song la Llorona:


Healing Woman said...

Loved seeing the sketches and enjoyed listening to the video. Thanks so much for posting this.

Parabolic Muse said...

I loved this the first time, and I love it now. And I'm glad you laid it down again because I'm picking it up.

Vickie said...


Karen Cole said...

Always love checking in with you.
LOVE the sketches. Been doing a few of my own lately....hardly have time for anything else.

The Neil Diamond hair is hot.

Hope this finds you well and happy, Michael.

xo Karen