Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mamma Mia, That's a Spicy Meatball

I'm here in Arizona for Art Unraveled, and, man,  it is hot here!  How hot?

And what do you do when it's spicy meatball hot?  You go junkin' in an place that has no air conditioning.  Such as Apache Reclamation.
By the way, I added the neon effect...I think it really adds to the joint.  Ordinarily it looks like this:
The moved there outside stash to a different location...not much left of the old backyard, unless you're into teddy bear dressing room toys.
Lots of goodies inside.  Some a bit overpriced but all in all good shopping and friendly folks.
And this is what I left with

So if you're in the area of 313 W. Apache St. stop in and take a gander.

Upcoming Stuff
A couple of announcements for upcoming events
Sept is just around the bend...believe it or not.

I'll be in the Northwest very soon
The Ranch, Snohomish WA- Sept 11 - 12
I'll be doing Purse'n Place or Thing  

Collage, Portland OR at - Sept 15 and 16th 
Dead Man's Party and Mad Masks 

and then to
MECCA in Eugene OR- Sept 18th and 19th
Secret Keeper

Then come's Oct so if you're on the East Coast don't hesitated to visit me at 
ART is You in Connecticut 
Chunky Loteria, Change of Heart, and Angels and Demons

Oaxaca: deMeng de los Muertos
One more thing...a few of the folks going on the Oaxaca trip are heading to the Island of Dolls
 in the Mexico City area before class.  It is not part of the formal itinerary but I thought I spread the word to anyone thinking about going that a few folks are headed that way.  More on the Oaxaca, Day of the Dead workshop later.


Juliette Crane said...

your blog and art are super interesting and so inspiring! i can't stop reading and learning new things! thank you so much for spreading the word and sharing your creativity!

best always,

Parabolic Muse said...

I remember those videos of the island and they FREAKED ME OUT!!

anyway, this isn't about me, sort of. I just left you an FB message asking about oct. 2 in pasadena, and now I see by your schedule that you can't possibly be in pasadena on the second if you're going to be in CT on the 7th. It takes that long just to disembark and go through security. I mean, even I am not that magnetic. although, I'm close.

is repellent the same thing? i know it's a magnet thing, but i get confused.

Okay, I'm not going to harass you any further today.

I LOVE this retro commercial.

Sue McGettigan said...

Love the neon version, too good to be true :) You passed on the teddy bear dressing room??