Thursday, August 05, 2010

September Workshops

Michael deMeng Workshops and Events

Upcoming Classes: SEPTEMBER
September is just around the corner and I have a bunch of classes lined up on the Western side of the U.S.

The Ranch
The Ranch, Snohomish WA- Sept 11 - 12: I'll be doing my Purse'n, Place or Thing workshop (mixed media purses).    Go to: or contact Randi at

Collage, Portland OR at - Sept 15 and 16th.  Just in time for Halloween I'll be teaching:Dead Man's Party and Mad Masks.  Go here or contact Collage at:

MECCA in Eugene OR- Sept 18th and 19th.  I'll be doing the class, Secret Keeper.  go here: or contact Mija at (541) 302-1810.  email:

Tangerine in Dublin CA Sept 27 -28.  I'll be doing my Secret Keeper Class and Cave of Pages.  Go to: or call Gina at 925-548-8447. email:
See you there! 


Carmi said...

Blogging from the road! Well done! Hope your Phoenix classes go well and that the down time is fun!

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Just wondering if you every do any classes in the central states? Your artwork is a continuing source of inspiration to me and I am hopeful that someday I'll get to take one of your classes.