Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketched Out Monday- Masked Man

 just getting packed up to go to Valley Ridge.  One of my favs.  So Here's the latest installment  of Sketched out Monday.  
First off just a little sketch I did this morning at Bernice's Bakery
and then I found one I did a while back...
Shrine Head Guy

This was the design for what became this:
This is the Shrine Mask sample for this year's Day of the Dead/Oaxaca Workshop.  I actually just finished it.  So I'm a little least I didn't make it on the plane to Oaxaca...besides I think it is against TSA policy to use Dremels in an airplane during take-off and landing.
Speaking of planes
off to pack.

p.s.  Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my Shades of Alchemy iPhone/iPad App.


Anonymous said...

wow! now i AM excited about oaxaca... this isn't mask making this demeng mask masking.. two different breeds entirely... :)yona

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Potent work. Happy trails... -j

ennovyennovy said...


Thespa McLaughlin said...

This is what I do and a lot of times my sketches will be very similar to the finished piece and other times they are completely different than what I envisioned, do you ever have that problem? Great piece by the way. Just fab-YOU-lous! Thanks for sharing.

Paula Guhin said...

Love it...thanks for showing the mask and inspiring me!
Paula at

JudyK said...

Very cool..reminds me somehow of Silence of the Lambs.

Stephen said...

I just surfed on to your blog... & i am glad I did. What a major, world class talent. I will be back to poke around & get to know your work.

Best wishes from Portland!