Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Human Body is Lame-O

Hey all,

Still in Sydney for a few more days and then I have to take that monster flight. I finally am getting my internal clock adjusted just in time to screw it up again. I have a few days home before I head to NYC for the Book Expo.

I have mostly been chilling...visiting friends and hitting some very cool flea markets.

The other day we went to see an exhibit entitled the Human Body...we thought that it was the exhibit that was traveling round the states...Body Worlds. Well it aint. This is a super sucky exhibit and for 23 smackers its a rip off. First off its about 10 muscle dudes (like Body Worlds) in very uninteresting stances. I think you would have a better show at you local med-school. The rest of the exhibit is brains in in jars...skulls...blah blah blah...absolutely nothing new here. The kicker is that the curation is attrocious. It's like a craft show with a bunch of different colored velvet coverings on the display tables. In fact the table coverings have lint all over them and are scrunched up. It feels like they threw the exhibit together in a half hour....as for the lighting...not so good. I have to say this is one of the most unprofessionally displayed exhibits I have ever seen. Don't do it.

Been working on a piece that will be a gift. I'm a bunch of the goodies that Judy's ex left for me. I'll post some images before I go.

thats it for now...cheers,


Sue McGettigan said...

What a shame the show wasn't compelling - I have high hopes for any exhibit, particularly if I pay over $10.00 :) Spending my time is precious enough, money too - better be good!

Anonymous said...

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