Thursday, May 03, 2007

Books to Pre-Order

Here's a few books to keep your eyes on. You can order these books by clicking on the icon under the "Interesting Reads" section of the blog on the right hand column.

First is Rice's book....I actually have some work in this book. It has my "never seen before" retrato series. After the book is released I'll post the images...but you'll have to wait...

Here's the skinny
Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspirations from Working Artists (Paperback)
by Rice Freeman-zachary
Book Description
Broad appeal for collage/mixed-media artists, paper crafters, jewelry makers and all other creative individuals looking for new ways to tap into creativity.

Features quick creative jump-starts and exercises from established artists in a variety of mediums.

This book answers questions that every crafter ponders: What is creativity anyway? Where do ideas come from? How do successful artists get started? How do you know when a piece is finished? Creativity is different for everyone, and Living the Creative Life offers a wide range of insights from 15 well-known and admired full-time artists, including: Linda Woods (art journaler and author of Visual Chronicles and the forthcoming Journal Revolution), Michael DeMeng (mixed-media assemblage artist and author of the Secrets of Rusty Things), Melissa Zink (New Mexican mixed-media artist and bronze sculptor), James Michael Starr (collage and assemblage artist), Scott Radke (puppet maker) and many others. Colorful and engaging artwork fills the pages alongside the chronicles of artistic awakenings, creative techniques, inspired strategies, unique ways of thinking, and high-energy brainstorms by the very artists these readers admire in magazines, learn from at retreat workshops and buy work from online. Full of been-there, can-sympathize-with-that, have-you-thought-about-trying-this stories and insights, The Creative Life will appeal to artists of all mediums and skill levels.

Next book is from my buddy Laurie Mika. She is one of my all time favorite people...and she and her husband spend a ton of time in we have plenty to chat about. Her book is now availble for pre-order here is the skinny for that

Mixed Media Mosaics: Techniques & Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles Beads & Other Embellishments (Paperback)
by Laurie Mika

Book Description
Great crossover potential--introduces a fresh creative medium and process for mixed-media, collage, assemblage, polymer clay and mosaic tile artists.

Project variety--along with more familiar surfaces (like tables and mirrors), mosaic work is introduced in refreshingly new formats, such as jewelry and shrines.

Features an extensive techniques section and 18 step-by-step demos designed to be accessible to all skill levels.

Mixed Media Mosaics uses polymer-clay, mosaic-tile work as a new and exciting platform for mixed-media/collage artists. Readers will learn to craft highly textural and vividly colored icons, boxes, tables, items of personal adornment and more, using a combination of manufactured tiles and handmade tiles. Techniques for creating the tiles include painting and glazing, stamping, embedding items like beads and buttons, mixing pigments and mica powders with clay, adding metallic leaf, creating molds, combining the handcrafted tiles with traditional mosaic tile, grout alternatives and more. In addition to learning techniques for making their own tiles, readers will discover helpful processes for working inspiration (such as an homage to a loved one or a memorable getaway) into their tile-work, using personalization techniques such as stamping words or adding personal ephemera and found objects.


Laurie Mika said...

Hey Michael,
THANKS so much for the book plug! You are a kind soul!Speaking of which, enjoy Art and Soul, and then I see you are off to the wilds of Australia ....say hi to Judy, though I haven't met her, she seems like a truely nice person. Hasta lluego mi amigo y muchas gracias,

abbymaya said...

Thanks for posting the book info, I took Laurie's class at A&S in Dallas and fell in love with the technique and Laurie's awesome!

I've added both books to the wishlist.

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing these, sound very good indeed, new things to my wishlist then. ;)