Thursday, May 03, 2007

Waiting for a pizza...

I thought I'd drop a line. I am in Virginia for Art and Soul right now...drinking a glass of Glenlivet single malt, and waiting for a pizza...not much else available at midnight.

What a crazy day. One thing that sucks about living in Missoula (aka the cultural Mecca of Montana...also aka "a place...sort of") is that it means never having a direct flight. So today was a day of running from terminal to terminal. It started when I got to record of my next see I was flying United but US airways was the carrier. So I get in...check in as US Air and they say "no record of the flight" and I should check with United. So across the terminal I go...way across...bare in mind I have 45 min till the flight leaves. I get to United...they say "yes I do have a flight booked on US Air and the dude prints me out some thingies to show the US Air dude. Meanwhile he's badmouthing US Air.

So all the way back to where I started...finally the US Air guy finds my reservation with 2 minutes to spare....meanwhile he is badmouthing United.

Okay so I'm on board to Charlotte...

So I get in to Charlotte 20 minutes late...10 minutes till the plane leaves...guess gate is a bajillion miles away...AND they didn't have time to print me out a ticket in I have to do it at the gate. I am sprinting through the airport, sweating like a pig (i assume pigs sweat)...get to the gate as it is closing and they let me in.

So flight get in and of coarse I'm missing a bag...tool and art supplies showed...just no clothes...oh well. I can't least I got to my destination, I was figuring I'd be spending the night in Denver or Charlotte. Besides the baggage claim lady was really sweet and funny. Talked to a super nice cab driver. Checked in, order my double scotch and as I write this my pizza arrived.

Sometimes you need the stupid annoying stuff to help you appreciate something as simple as a pizza. mmmm good


Jane said...

Holy Hot and Sweaty pigs!
So sorry to read of your sprints through the airport.

Claudine seems to have had a REAL difficult time with a taxi- I am sure you will share stories!

Well- I was going to drive down to see you while you were on the East Coast but then I realized it would be about a 4 hour drive... so I decided to do the scooter rally instead.

I am sure I will see you soon- though...

Happy Teaching and Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Pigs do not sweat Michael,
They use anti-perspirant......
Ms. Piggy

Tara Finlay said...

For you of course:

izabella said...

hope you're having a great time @ Art & Soul!

My friend &rew is taking your class ;)

xo ~Bella

Vicki said...

Michael, I can relate to your airport adventure 100%. I flew US Air also and changed planes in Phoenix and Charlotte. I swear those terminals in Charlotte are at least a county apart and I had to run to my connection with no minutes to spare. I grabbed a US Air employee with the golf cart and begged for a ride from terminal D to B!! No more US Air for me!!