Sunday, May 27, 2007

Here's a secret for you...the book is now available

Guess what is ready to ship! My biz partner Christine just got her first shipment of "Secrets" in. She'll be sending them out next week. She's busy adding the signed bookplates and the Artist
Cards as we speak.

If you're interested in having a special edition "Secrets of Rusty Things" you can visit the online site here

If you have already pre-ordered the special edition....she'll be in touch and a book will be on the way....hooray

Hope you enjoy them


Altered Belly said...

Yes, I have already ordered it. Got the notice already. You really need to have something so that people can subscribe to your blog. I have already put a link in my blog to your book. Congratulations! Can't wait to get my copy.

Anonymous said...


Jen Crossley said...

YAHOO I cant wait

Ursula Clamer said...

What great news! Congrats Michael. I can't wait to get my copy. Ux

Kristen Robinson said...

Just tracked my package through Amazon it is on the truck for delivery yipppppeeee....cannot wait to see it the house will be quiet tonight YAY reading time for me.


carla said...

Hi Michael - I just received mine yesterday and had such a great time going through it...there's just so much wonderful stuff to look at; I had to keep turning the pages! I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading more leisurely. In addition to the wonderful content, the layout and design are exceptional. I'm so looking forward to taking your "Zen Shoedism" class in June at Absolutely Everything!

Congratluations on the awesome book,

dargie said...

I received my copy yesterday and I'm much more enchanted with it than I supposed I'd be. Why? you ask. (Or I imagine you do. I would.) Because it's not so much about the How -- which would be well and good, and very useful, but would run, I suspect, to multiple volumes -- but about the Why, the Who, and all the other nebulous questions which catch hold of the imagination far more than facts, figures and diagrams.

I was particularly taken by the Kafkaesque story of the Iron Thingy which only wanted a gigantic bug behind the counter, feelers waving furiously at you as you separated the paintings from the frames.

So thanks for a book of dreams as well as Liquid Nails, insulation foam and rusty metal. It touched something special in me.