Monday, May 10, 2010

Bowling in Hollywood

Bowling in Hollywood

Hey gang,
a quick trip to LA...there and back again. As some of you might know I was down there not too long ago...a few weeks ago in fact. But I am a giganto Peter Gabriel fan so when I found out he was playing at the Hollywood Bowl, I was there. More on him in a moment.

I should mention I was staying in the city of my birth...Glendale CA. Never really lived there...just born there. But I do remember passing Eagle Rock when visiting my grandparents in Pasadena.

First night had a nice visit with a bunch of my friends at Tamara's (of Zinnia in South Pasadena)...Joe and Paul and Suki and Judi Delgado and Tyn were all there. Very civilized. Wine, cheese, everything else you can imagine and Judi Delgado brought the scones...very civilized indeed. And here we are:
(yes I had every intention of taking a group shot but...the wine I think...anyway this will have to do)

Next Day
I headed down to Melrose Av and hung out there. For a bit.

Lots of cool graffiti

Lots of second hand Clothing shops for have to have a lot of balls to own a place like this:

and then I came across a nifty retro antique store
Off the Wall Antiques

for those of you looking for a giant shrimp or perhaps a Napoleon and Marie Antoinette doll.
Very nifty place

but what I was most smitten with was this:
A Barange automated display
It was a company from S. Pasadena that made jewelry displays this one has small diamonds moving down a conveyer belt as the moving workers work. When the diamonds reach the center the oven glows red. 
 Out the other side the continue down the conveyer belt but much larger.
If I had a spare $6000 I would have picked it up in a snap. The owner of the store told me a bit about the Baranger company. Big in the 30's and 40's, then he showed me an image of one that recently sold for $25,000. The piece on the cover of this book:
Apparently the couple stays put while the saucer spins around them and the moon above rocks gently back and forth. Way cool.

So that was my day in Melrose.
Then later:
Met up with some friend to see Peter Gabriel. Here I am with Dawn, KD, and 2/5s of Mike
Dawn and Mike brought the picnic basket and we dined before the concert in one the nice little areas around the Bowl.

then to our seats...the show was close to beginning
(No I wasn't in London...this was the only image I could find of the poster.)
I mentioned that I have been a big fan of Peter Gabriel for a jillion years. He always puts on amazing shows...visually as well as musically. I was intrigued by this show because his latest album is all orchestral and all covers.
Scratch My Back
Its an amazing album and I know that he was doing the show the same way.

The only seats we could find were in the boonies.
but it didn't matter it was phenomenal. The show was in two parts. The first was the entire album start to finish and then the second part was a reinterpretation of his older works using an orchestra.
I truly hope that they put out an album that includes those arrangements...that was excellent. Not to mention we got a nice light show with the Hollywood Hills in the background
This was my first visit to the Hollywood Bowl, and I have to say of all the places I've seen concerts...this is by far my favorite. I will return.


HeArt Collective said...

sounds like a great excuse to be in SoCAL and a fantastico trip over all!

rscoach said...

Very cool, Michael -love that you came back to LA to see Peter G. and that you enjoyed our Hollywood Bowl! Thanks for the video - see you in August @ AU - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

dogfaeriex5 said...

how friggin amazing that night must had been!! he has got to be one of my favorites!! favorite song is "in your eyes"...whats yours?
take care~