Saturday, May 29, 2010

Needful Things

Well one more set of workshops on this East Coast trip.  Hampton Art and Soul was great.  Good to see so many dear friends.  Next was Angela's Happy Stamper...great to meet new friends (and those who did classes in both know who you are Heather).  Now I'm at Random Arts in Saluda, North Carolina.  Mask Class starts tomorrow...

In the meantime
In between planes and classes I had a day to play.
Started of a Mean Mr. Mustards Cafe In Hendersonville.   Amazing breakfast.  Go right this second.   and yes there is Beatles music always playing.

So I headed to my favorite place to get goodies when I'm in this neck of the woods...Needful Things.    I know what you're think I like this place because its the same name as a Stephen King novel...well, sure that is part of it...but as far as I know the devil does not own the joint
Actually there is nothing demonic about this place it has merely has... needful things.  I can attest to that. Last year I was doing my Mad Alchemists Cabinet class and the day before class I realized I didn't ship enough printer's trays (which was the base from which we were working from).  I freaked.  I frantically rushed in and within an hour we found 10, which by the way is pretty unlikely.  I had enough for the class exactly.  Now, what I didn't ask was whether my soul was still intact after I purchased them.

Today I stopped by....not frantically, but leisurely.  Not sure what I was looking for.
To get there you need to head to the Bat Cave....No not this one:
...this one...
I wasn't sure I was going to find anything needful this trip.  I did like this collection of puppets
I also have to tell you that not everything in this place is needful.  For example:
and the ultimate not so needful thing...this:
Yes...a glowing chick.  
So I was feeling like I'd walk away empty handed...then I saw this:
A little dressing box...not sure of the exact name.  Wasn't exactly cheap but I'll be able to do some nice things with this.  An Apothecary Chest, for instance.

Then I had a nice lunch with my friend Nicole McConville in Ashville.  Great to see her...check out her art.  Lots of boney things, spiny things.
You can find her stuff here:

So that was my day...nice and relaxing...very needful thing.

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Anonymous said...

I would be so happy to have a Needful Things store in my town that I'd even buy the strange bunny doll.