Friday, April 30, 2010

Need a vacation? Vacation is all you ever wanted.

Lots of things going on, so thought I'd get you up to speed with my vacation retreats.

The Big news is that registration for my New Orleans: A Place for Notions and Potions Class has begun.  Kathy has done a great job with the site.  She'll be heading over there soon to get some of the tours figured out.  Makes me want to go....oh yeah I guess I am, but I have to wait till February.
 Click Here to check it out.

down Mexico way.  My Oaxaca deMeng de los Muertos organizer is busy collecting data for this years class: Altar'd Faces.  Mostly what she has been doing is getting info for our class excursions.  Always trying to find something new to experience.  Of course....all the photos she has sent back so far are of her drinking margaritas...hmmmmm.  
Registration is open for that as well, 
contact Colleen Darling:  805-688-1221
Class Info Here

check out the PodCast inteview that I did with the ever-colorful Rice Freeman-Zachery.  Head over to the Voodoo Cafe for a listen.  Click Here


The Josie Baggley Company said...

I like that 'Altar'd Faces!

Chris said...

i'm going to have to get party planners like this.