Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketched-Out Monday 5-17-10

Periodically I post sketches on my FaceBook wall.  Usually it is while I'm enjoy a croissant and coffee at the world famous Bernice's Bakery in Missoula.  It is interesting to me because I usually I get a very positive response when I do this.   Perhaps the reason is that  perhaps people are familiar with my assemblage but they are not privy seeing the process of thought that goes behind the creation.  I should mention that not every assemblage starts with a sketch.  Sometimes I work on sketches to resolve certain issues after I've started on a piece...or sometimes I just work on sketches for the sheer joy of drawing...or as Mike Myers used to say as his character Simon: "DrawRing".
It was mentioned to me that perhaps an interesting thing to do would be to post my sketches once a week, every week.    Well the idea seemed like a good one to me so without further ado I'd like to invite you to the first installment of: Sketched-Out Monday 5-17-2010

Here's one I did on a plane ride a week or so ago...Captain Ahab.  It would make a nice shrine.  I'm looking for a toy whale and then maybe I'll get rolling on this one.  

This is a pretty raw sketch.  I have a small figurine in the studio that looks like this in this case I'm trying to get some bright ideas.

Some of you saw this on FaceBook.  This is St. Michael battling el Diablo.  I have a piece in the studio that I've started; snake headed devil being jostled by the gear propellered Michael .   I'll  show you the assemblage when I get it a bit further.

This is Archangel Gabriel...just an idea I'm working through.  After I finished this I was looking around and it just so happens that I have two trumpets in the studio.

Those savvy with Tarot will know this guy right away.  This is the Magician.  This is a very quick sketch.  Most of my drawings start this way...very fast sketches that might get filled in later...or not.

Well that's it for this weeks episode of Sketched-Out Monday.  I'll be posting another batch of sketches next week.  Same Bat Time same Bat Place.


zoe said...

thanks for posting these! i'm really looking forward to the st. michael and the devil one...

Shelly said...

OOoOOooo... love seeing these! Add me to the positive response crowd.

BloggingQueen said...

And me too!

I've loved seeing artist sketches ever since I was a kid flipping through the encyclopedia, and I stumbled upon Michelangelo's sketches. They look like whispers of the muse.

In the words of Kevin Costner to Madonna, "Neat."

Beatnheart said...

cool man...

Stephanie Lee said...

Daaang boy! You got drawing skilz! :)

Toy whale...check out Toys R us...a place which I, as a mother, have avoided like the plague. If my kids can't be happy with a stick and a rope, they can just sit there bored.
So there.
See you in a few days!

Stephanie Lee said...

Oops...forgot to mention...they (Toys R Us) have this huge wooden display thingy with all sorts of hard rubbery plastic animals. I'm bettin' there's a whale there.

Marie-Aimée said...

many thanks to posting these !!

Angie Platten said...

Love seeing these! I must say though, I'm surprised first, because I thought all of your work was completely intuitive. Secondly, that you sketch so small! I love the sketches.

Hey, I wrote you a while back about a small doll I found in my back alley. She's pretty dirtied up, as you can imagine. But what caught my eye was the hair, which is small string instead of doll hair. She looks like the perfect Medusa. I'm offering her to you if you want her. E-mail me a mailing address if interested.

Anonymous said...

Don't we all wish we could rummage through our workshop and find 2 trumpets. Sigh.

A bird in the hand said...

I like the Achangel Gabriel sketch very much. But then, my maiden name is Gabriel, so I'm partial to this archangel.


Linda Cain said...

Such an wonderful to watch.

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