Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ybarra studios

Had a nice day with some friends George and Kate Ybarra. George is a sculptor who uses massive pieces of metal ranging from car parts to...well....whatever, in his art. In fact, after a nice breakfast at his home, he stopped by my studio with a welded Mad Max-esque staff, which he gave to me - in the hopes I'd modify it ala me....He imagined me showing up at art openings with the staff in hand. Impressive... most impressive. One thing for sure is that I'd never get mugged with this thing.

The above image is from his Botanicals series...a series of bouquets of welded flowers. You can see his work at


Lisa said...

That staff would look quite fetching with a monocle. Like a cool Monoply man.

Anyway, I saw you and your work for the first time on CraftLab and wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do what I've been putting off for months: cleaning my apartment and craft supplies so that I could actually find stuff to make stuff. Much to my surprise, I actually have a floor. And I don't have a was just a dust bunny.

Too bad I didn't know about Art & Soul last year- lived here in Portland for almost 7 years now and I'm still finding new (to me, anyway) and amazing events! Woo!

Really like your work and looking forward to your book - rock on!

Izabella said...