Sunday, February 18, 2007

Australia, Artfest, and Artisans on Taylor

So just trying to get things tied up before I head to Australia, for Artistic Journey. Seems like I'm more or less caught up. I'll be gone for a bit, so I'm trying to remember everything. What to bring etc.

When I get back, I'll have a few days to recover from jet lag then off to ArtFest. This is such a great venue to teach at. Love the area, love the town, love the attendees and of course I love Teesha and Tracy Moore the founders of ArtFest.

So a few bits of info for the Port Townsend residents or ArtFest attendees...

All the art work that will be featured in my book, in other words, all ten of the myths that I have interpreted will be on display as of the end of March in Port Townsend at Artisans on Taylor
I'll be attending artist receptions there on Thursday March 29th 5- 8 and Saturday March 31 5-7. The reason for two receptions is that the typical Saturday opening might be tough for some of the ArtFest attendees to attend. So we figured a ArtFest opening as well as a local Port Townsend/Seattle area opening would be appropriate.

So there you have it, if you're in the area at the end of March. Stop by and say "hey", or "hello", or "move your flippin' car" or anything else you want to come up with.

And to you Aussies....see you soon...very soon.

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AnLiNa said...

As usual, love your stuff! I just found your blog from Kelly Kilmer's blog. I am signed up for Oaxaca. Can't wait!
Have fun down under...

Amy in Austin

Marie C said...

Hi Michael - just wanted to say that your work is totally inspiring - loved your workshop in F'mantle and already getting lots of ideas of how to incorporate the metal with the organic.....reallay need to do this.... the one thing in the retreat that stuck in my mind was you saying "when you creat art, you are playing with peoples' minds"... hmmm... like that..... alot...cheers,