Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy...busy...before I fly away

So I am off soon. Just trying to get everything under control before I leave.

I just got back from a meeting at my favorite junk haunt....Home Resource. They take all the junk from remodels and demolitions and recycle it and make it available at incredibly low prices. Every year they do an event called Spontaneous Construction, in which they have a big party where artists and non-artists get to make things out of there goodies. I'm offering some input on the event this year. Should be bigger and better from the sound of it...but you'll have to wait till August to start your constructions. Here's a link to last years event http://www.homeresource.org/sponcon/review/


Jane said...

Have a safe trip... and enjoy!


Karen Cole said...

This is awesome!!!!

I don't understand why, living in a major metropolitan area, where there are major museums, art schools, etc.. we have nothing like this.

Have a great time.


Sue McGettigan said...

What a fabulous event, I'd love to see this adopted by someone locally - thanks for sharing the link!