Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some new things to look at

Hey all,

Not much new to report. Oh, want to try something fun. Go to
You basically plug in a song or a musical artist and it will generate a playlist of similar artists based on the style, all very technical. Not really sure how they do it. Great way to find new music though.

While you're generating some muzak, here are some new goodies for you guys to peruse.


Carmi said...

I can spot Napoleon a mile away...its fantastic!

Izabella said...

oh my! what a grand array of wonderful pieces!! stunning!!

Zackery my lil one & I, are overwhelmed, he is inspired to create something similar to your style for his upcoming 4th grade art show :)


Anonymous said...

Michael, these are great, love the mellowness of your colours.

kristen robinson said...

Oh so wonderful eye candy. Love them all. Cannot wait to check out Pandora.