Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Was doing a bit of reading on the topic of Valentines particular Saint Valentines. Kind of interesting in that St. Valentines is actually three men who were martyred for there faith in the 3rd century B.C. Even the Pope Gelasius said in 496 "... whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God." In other words not really sure who these guys were, but they did something worthy of respect. Apparently Valentinus was a fairly common name in that time (from the root meaning: being strong).

It became a lovers holiday in the 1400s due mostly to Chaucer and the courtly love trends. As with many holidays the dates were chosen to overshadow pagan festivals. Originally Feb 15th was Lupercalia in Rome, a fertility fesitival. Nude men would run through the streets. Times have changed. I heading out the door right now....thought I'd go for a naked jog through Missoula in the 26 degree weather.

So happy Lupericalia or Valentines Day, whichever you wish to celebrate. (a special xo to JJJ).

some people have asked about the use of the photo in the episode, in particular when to add it. Well, here's the don't have to add it at all if you don't want. I usually use it at the base of the image, but sometimes, I'll use pieces of it on the most surface areas. ...and sometimes just the frame is used. What I'm getting at...and I really go into this when I teach...don't get hung up on the rules. Everything I have ever created has been through experimentation...right and wrong don't really exist in assemblage; this is true because you're trying to put things together that don't really belong together. Ultimately, the only question you have to answer is "how does it look", much less important is "did I do it right". Phooey on right. Break some rules.


Izabella said...

well did you run naked!? :)

sending big hugs your way...Happy Valentines Day Michael!


Judy said...


Sharon Manning said...

Yes the mind boggles! LOL

Jacky said...

Michael we have one of those pagan festivals in Australia. You'd have to run awful fast in a hotel full of women artists though.