Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Dolly Apocalypse is Coming! The Video Footage That Will Shock the World

Return To the Valley of Creepy Dollies Gone Wild
The following events took place between the dates of June 11 and June 12 of 2013.  It is a horrifying encounter, and at times may be difficult to watch, but I believe it is important for people to see the truth…before it is too late.
The following video may be too shocking to view by some people.  Please consult your physician before pushing play.

Distressed Disturbed Disintegrating Dolly Head Workshop
Starts August 10th!
Distressed Disintegrating Dolly Heads OnLine Workshop
Starts August 10th
Participate at your leisure.

Get them before they get you!


Kristina said...

I just watched your video. I just have to tell you that I do enjoy all the videos that I have seen you make. You totally crack me up! Your so not like any other online tutorial person I have seen and that is a GOOD thing in my book! I really enjoyed your "Feral Dollies" vid! Too funny! I have not taken a class of yours yet however I have been dying to take one. I will be signing up for this one. There was a past one that I was interested in, do you offer people the chance to take your past workshops? So far I like you and I think your hilarious! I cant wait to see how you are during a tut!

Kristina said...

I am trying to buy your Apocalypse class, and it just takes me to my personal Pay Pal account. I am not getting to a payment for you? Can you help me out? Or can you send a payment request to my Pay Pal e-mail?? It is:
I have been sittin' here trying everything. However I am probably a bit Daft in the computer payment department??? Thank you for your help.

Kristina said...

I am guessing it must be too soon to pay for this class? Because, I just paid for the
"Distressed Disturbed Disintegrating Dolly Heads Online Workshop" w/o a problem. So I will get to see you in August! Excited!!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Funny stuff in that had me laughing outloud at the ending, although I kept thinking I was going to see Papa Smurf at some point. Those dollies sounded like Smurfs. Anyhoo,I'm very busy in August and hadn't decided if I could take this but after watching this I must.

Jaime, Adam, Lyle, and Blind Lyle Films said...

You're amazing and this video is hilarious. Looking forward to the on line class.

Jaime Byrd / Blind Lyle Films said...

I just paid on paypal (late) and was wondering when I may expect an email or contact. Thanks!!!

mankybones said...


Great class vids! Chock-a-block full of tips and tricks!

Anonymous said...

Michael, is your DDDDolly Head Online Workshop still available? Thanks,
Sally Turlington