Monday, June 17, 2013

New Color Washes...Freaky Things with Wings...and the Worlds Smallest Shrineys.

I know what you're saying..."I really want to take a class and learn how to make weird and wild things...but...I'm just starting and I'm intimidated by rusty things...or painting"
Well don't sweat it.  My classes are fun and designed to be enjoyed by ALL levels.  You'll be learning  everything from basics in sculpture, to a whole lot of painting and distressing techniques.  

Speaking of painting I've got a whole slew of new paint recipes...
Mount St. Helen Reddy
Mrs Peacock
Rusty Crustacean
Red Velvet Vampire
Yellow Fever
Sassy Sultan Brown
and more!

So come on along for the ride.  Let's make some bizarre thingies.
Who wants to take a class?
All of you!  Wow that's let me tell you what's coming around the bend for those of you who want to play with paint and rusty things.
In a few weeks I'll be heading to La Canada (Southern California that is) and I'll be doing some Teeny Tiny Shrineys.  Here's the skinny on that one:

I have to admit I've made my share of shriney structures, in my day, and I have created them from a variety of unusual items ranging from license plates to stoves to shoes. This class will involve some serious downsizing and transforming small objects like matchboxes, lighter cases, piano keys, or other miniature vessels. Using a variety of itsy bitsy found objects you will adorn this little pocket sized temples. What is housed in your little shrine is entirely up to you... perhaps tiny model train people, perhaps a small object that has symbolic meaning for you, or maybe you happen to be friends with the Incredible Shrinking Man. Get ready to get tiny with your shriney.

Click here to sign up or for more info:

Now for those of you who like things that fly through the air with the greatest of ease...perhaps, Vampires, Angels and Freaky Things with Wings might be up your alley.

Okay, so I have a little confession to make…I was totally freaked out by the witch in the Wizard of Oz. Ironically, the flying monkeys…I loved. Of course I was always into freaky weird things with wings; Vampires, demons, dragons (especially, Ghidora the three headed dragon in one of those Godzilla movies I watched as a kid). As for angels…I was cool with them too…they just need to be stoic and/ or heroic but definitely not fluffy.
In this class you’re going to pick your favorite flying thing (or something you’d like to fly) and create a little scene where it can stretch its wings. Discarded toys and found objects combined into something wild and wonderful using the process of assemblage. Best yet, using a very simple pulley system, we will make your creatures take flight…well at least flap their wings.
Sort of reminds me of the flying monkey theme song…you remember, don’t you? “Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Baboon”. I know, I know, I’ve stepped over the line for bad puns…I just couldn’t resist.
I recently taught this class at Valley Ridge.  Here's what the gang came up with:

Ann Renee Lighter

Diane Bywater

Gary Niebuhr

Jessie McNally

Kelley Clarke

Lynn Overden
And Best yet....they all flap those silly little wings...Woo Hoo! Wanna go flying? Click Here:

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