Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Four Things I Need To Share With You...Pronto!

Hey everyone...
I know, I know it's been a bajillion years since my last post.  It's been one friggin busy summer.  I actually, for the first time for a long time, have a month of studio time...unbelievable and much needed.  
So I've been working and working while I can.

So here's the latest...in a nutshell.

1. Brumfield's Gallery
Boise ID
Oct 12 - Dec. 7
I'm getting ready for a solo show that's coming up in Boise Idaho opening Oct 12th at Brumfield's Gallery.  Unfortunately I'm not going to be at the opening, but I have hopes my little creations will keep me abreast of the goings ons.  The gallery looks great and if you like my work I think you'll like some of the other folks represented.  Here's a few of the other artists' work:

                                     Jackie Hurlbert                                        Ego
Needless to say, I sort of fit in.  If you happen to be in the area check out my show...lots of new stuff...including Ganesh and Ironic Reincarnation of Colonel Sanders

2. Day of the Dead in Missoula
Missoula Artist Shop
Oct - Nov
Also on the dance card...I've been busy making a piece for the annual Festival of the Dead exhibit at the Missoula Artists Shop.  The Festival of the Dead is an annual parade through the heart of the University town of Missoula.  About 20 years ago my friend Bev Glueckert and I started this crazy shindig....now it's one hell of a dead man's party.  If you're in the area check out the show of Dia de los Muertos inspired art at the Artist's Shop and the Parade on the evening of Nov. 2

3. Lemoncholy Studio
Oct 4th-5th  New Jersey
Back to Jersey and scribbling on Kecia's (my host) worktable...and perhaps a martini...or two.  This year at Lemoncholy Studio I'm bring the Patron Saint of Rusty Things to Jersey shore.
Bring lots of rusty and bizarre objects and lets transform them into something divine.  Wanna play?
Shake your hiney 
Let's make a shriney!

4. Art is You 
Petaluma, CA
Sept 25-29
Stamford, CT
Oct. 10 - 14

Last but not least of things I need to chat about: Art is You Petaluma, CA and Stamford CT.   My wife Andrea and I are teaching lots and lots of goodies at both venues.  I've got Baba Yaga Birdhouses and Vehicular Varmints and Good Brushes Gone Bad and more.
Before I go any further, I should mention that the wine label that my wife Andrea designed for Madonna Estates will be viewable and the wine quaffable will we are in the Napa Valley.  
by Andrea Matus deMeng
So those of you heading to Petaluma...not only do you get to make art...you get to drink it too!  Salud!

Okay...I'm blogged out for now...I'll be back soon though...promise

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COOL Places...Thanks for sharing!