Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vampire Cinema - Episode #1

Welcome to the first edition of Vampire Cinema - Undead Movie Club of the Month.  

Each month I will put together a little video introducing a vampire film of note (some classic...some downright horrible yet fun). I'll give you a bit of vampire lore and film history and a few clips. Your job will be to track the movie down and watch it.  

I've also set up a FaceBook Group that members can compare notes and comparisons of the various films.   

All this is being done to promote my upcoming Vampire Hunting Workshop in New Orleans 2014.  More info coming soon on the workshop and itinerary.  Here's the date: May 12- 18, 2014

Today's Double Feature: Nosferatu and Shadow of the Vampire

Here's this month's Videos

Part One:

Part Two:
Cocktail Recipe of the Undead

Part Three:
Shadow of the Vampire

Next Month's episode airs May 22nd
and will feature
Black Sunday (aka Mask of Satan)
Interview with the Vampire

Start tracking the down.
See you then!


nellellen said...

OH I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! I LOVE Vampire books, movies, cartoons, comic books - My mom used to talk to her friends about how much I liked Vampires as a kid. She would only let me checkout one book on monsters at a time at the library...

PLEASE tell me that The Hunger is on the list... because THAT is the sexiest god damn (no pun intended) vampire movie EVER!!!

I'm going to stream Nosferatu right now!

Unknown said...

The Hunger may be the best vampire movie ever. Cinematography, cast, soundtrack. So sad that Tony Scott felt he had to compete with his brother when in fact he had a more subtle, more refined hand.

Darlene K Campbell said...

This is so very exciting Michael. Love your videos and commentary on the films. Definately looking forward to intermission.

Unknown said...

Have seen all these vampire movies and read "Dracula" when I was about 12, scared the living daylights out of me and loved every second of it. moooahhahahahaha.... Yes, "The Hunger" is outstanding...I still think of that cello lesson in the room with the billowing curtains...must watch again soon. this is fun. thanks for all the silly fun, Michael, love it.