Monday, April 15, 2013

Man in the Moon Monster - the remake

Once upon a time...
a preschool version of me wrote a story called the Man in the Moon Monster.  It started out with an astronaut heading to the moon.  When he lands he is greeted by a giant cyclopian moon monster, who proceeds to crush the visitor's rocket ship.  In response the spaceman whips out his ray gun and blasts the monster into outer space.  Stranded, our hero radios earth for help, and moments later a compadre arrives to save the day.  En route they fly past the monster floating lifelessly in space.  Back on earth, the two astronauts land and are greeted with flower leis ( I was living in Hawaii at the time). The End
The climatic scene looked something like this:
I had to draw this from memory.  My mother has the original stashed away somewhere.

Flash ahead forty some years later...I decided to do an reinterpretation of this story.  Here's what I came up with:

 Man in the Moon Monster - Redux

 and here is our little spaceman

 and his spaceship...prior to smooshing.  

The End


dave simpson said...

Seems you've always had a thing for the cyclops :)

Carol said...

Your modern version is great! Love the cyclops moon man.