Saturday, April 13, 2013

Past ON-Line Workshops Now Available To Watch On-Demand

On-Demand On-Line Classes
These are on-line classes that were previously run as "live"workshops but are now available to watch and download at your leisure. Here you'll find a variety of courses designed to to inspire you creatively.                 

Shades of Alchemy 
with Michael deMeng

If you've ever wanted to play with paint in non-traditional ways using a variety of mixed media techniques. This is the class for you. Learn Michael's special color mixing recipes along and tricks of the trade.

Alchemists Tool Box 
with Michael deMeng
One thing you learn when you're an assemblage artist...tool are your friend.  Learn a variety ways to uses tools when mixing and matching found objects.

Crusted Crumbled Cracked 
with Michael deMeng
Here's a class for you if you've wanted to learn how to distress, antique or to transform something so it looks downright bizarre and weird. Learn everything from rusting to lizard skin effects.

Pez Dispensing Totems 
with Michael deMeng
Oh sure it's a candy dispenser...but it can be so much more! Learn how Michael modifies everyday Pez dispensers into something rich and strange using a variety of assemblage and painting techniques.  


Carol said...

Thanks, Michael, I've been waiting for this. Now just need to decide which ones and gather some funds together.

jennifer said...

so Michael, I appreciate you offering these - what order would be best to take them in if someone is just starting out?

Michael deMeng said...

Hi Jennifer
I think I'd start with the Alchemist's Toolbox, then Crusted, then Color Washes. This would be the order of making stuff...then move to the individual projects, like Pez

Karen Williamson said...

Fantastic, thank you Michael. Your work in putting these together is mucho appreciated.

Evelyn said...

So excited that your workshops are now "on demand". I don't do well with time-limited online classes, so will be buying these workshops tonight when I get home from work. THANK YOU!

Brigitte said...

With the video do you have PDF tuto ? thak you