Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sketched out Monday on Tuesday...after NOLA

Hey gang sorry for the delay in S.O.M.O.T.  Lost track of time in New Orleans.  Will do a big post with all the class projects and some nifty vids too.  For now...here's a few sketches for you to peruse that I did over the last few weeks.

Golem of Prague:

Mr. Freeze

Daddy Longneck


1 comment:

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, WHERE are the freaking comments?!! Mr. Freeze is, like, a gnarly dude!!!

I know no one comments much because they blab at you on facesmash and I don't have a facesmash account any more because it eats out my soul. And not in a pleasurable way. So I will be one of your only commentors.

Dear Michael: Mr. Freeze is a gnarly dude!!!

Dammit, I wish I'd sent him a Valentine's card! It's too damn late, now.